7 ways to impact your customers - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
In this half of the year, it is a good time to conduct an evaluation in our profession, and see how close or far we are from the proposed goals. Above all those who work every day in the area of ​​sales, marketing or advertising, we find ourselves with crossed feelings between the goals achieved by far and those who, due to more efforts we have made, have not yet achieved.

Increasing conversions, adding leads, loyalty prospects, creating an audience or virtual community with fluid interaction and communication or doubling traffic to our website are some of the most important goals of any corporation – regardless of whether it is an SME, a microenterprise or a mega multinational – they need to grow and stay on top of success.

For all this, the only possible answer lies in the decision-making power of consumers.

Have you ever thought that specific characteristics make a customer stay true to the brand and recommend it in their most intimate circles?

As an initial kick we will start with a close analogy.

Suppose then, that you have met that special person who stood out from the rest. That girl or boy still did not perceive your presence, so you have to start from scratch to attract her / or to engage in a visual dialogue first, and then a conversation.

When a person is seducing, he changes his body pose, the vocabulary with which he expresses himself, the thoughts, the look and the smile. This change is natural in all mammals and corresponds to the significant increase in certain hormones such as endorphins, which are caused by feelings such as attraction, love and desire.

In simpler words, the key to how to captivate the minds of consumers is very similar to the steps we take when we fall in love and form a couple.

Below we will list the 7 best strategies to impact your customers and forge a sustained link in time and in continuous growth.

1- The user experience is paramount.

It offers a website with a simple, intuitive and modern interface that is 100% tested to meet the needs of navigators. In other words, it adapts to all mobile devices, that has comfortable navigation menus, that it is easy to find the location of the contents and especially that it has clear and direct “call to action” (CTA) without being invasive.

2- Tell stories in videos

Corporate videos have become a boom, and are the new way that brands have to generate engagement and participation in their social channels. Plan your videos in such a way that trends do not surprise you when they are already implemented and take the first step.

You can tell stories, integrate them as funds to your website, make instructions, conduct interviews with experts in your field, generate webinars, and even your own jingle.

3- Interact with the different sectors of the company.

One of the disadvantages that poses more problems is the lack of communication and dialogue between the different departments of the brands. This phenomenon is represented in ups and downs of key indicators such as conversions, ROI and organic traffic.

Try to work together in favor of a single objective by enhancing the contribution of each sector so that the tasks do not overlap or there are contradictory messages.

4- Pay special attention to after sales.

The digital consumer is demanding and expects that once he has placed the order he will receive it accordingly, and he will spend the time necessary to satisfy his doubt or concern. It is currently where a correct customer service can make the difference between success and failure.

5- Work with the 5 senses

It offers unique experiences and you will be valued satisfactorily. Returning to our initial analogy, each person generates emotions based on all sensory experiences. That is, a perfume can attract the attention of your partner, a song immortalizes a moment, a smile can generate crush and taste a wine will seal the occasion perfectly. We manage in life based on our 5 senses simultaneously, and to impact consumers you must provoke attractive and pleasant sensory sensations.

6- Offers artisan quality

Take care of the detail of your products or services because quality will always be the absolute indicator on which consumers will rely to buy and recommend.

7- That your online store is amazing

7 out of 10 consumers have tried to buy virtually and would do it again due to time and variety of products. In the next 5 years, the volume of sales from online channels is expected to double, and your brand has to live up to the tastes of consumers. Plan, design and display your digital store highlighting your strengths, showing the stock, sizes, prices, payment and shipping, so that the navigator can not resist the desire to buy your product.

Develop marketing actions specific as Adwords or Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your landing page or shopping cart.