8 reasons to own a blog in 2016 2020 -

Are you starting a new business and have you already worked on your marketing strategy? Very well. But you are still wondering about the means to adopt that will have a certain effect on your business: you are still dithering between blogging and social media. Let me tell you this: you are not the only one …

Thousands of entrepreneurs like you experience this dilemma on a daily basis. However, from you to them, this is your lucky day today, as you will have the answer to the question throughout this article.

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With the emergence of social media, it is sometimes tempting to want to register on all available platforms, especially when starting a business. And when we start our digital journey, the big question is whether to have a blog or on the contrary go to post on social networks.

Speaking of the blog, you must have heard rumors that it is no longer as effective, that there is too much competition, and that the new El Dorado is social media. It is normal for you to be embarrassed. Admittedly, being influenced when you don’t have the right information becomes an easy game. This is also the dark side of the Internet.

However, let me tell you the truth: starting your business blog will certainly be one of the best things you will do for your business. Why ?

Take a look at these statistics from HUBSPOT, the world leader in automated marketing solutions:

  • A business that has an active blog receives on average 67% more leads than a business that does not blog;
  • A company that blogs regularly is 13 times more likely to have a positive return on investment;
  • 70% of consumers discover a company through its content rather than through its advertising.

In view of these enlightening figures, you don’t need to have a bac + 17 to understand all the advantages of the blog. The companies that use it see an increase in their turnover, but there is more.

I’ll give you eight good reasons why you should have a blog instead of going to social media.

Your blog is yours

With your blog, you’re at home, it’s your baby. Unlike social networks like Facebook or Twitter, your blog is your property, you are the master. No risk that one fine morning you will see your account blocked. Anyone who has ever experienced it raises their little finger.

Your audience is yours

On social networks, users are the property of the platform. You’re just an opportunist who eats on the back of the platform, and she knows it. That’s why overnight you can see your account banned and your visitors taken away.

You can capture the contacts of your visitors

On your blog, you can collect the contacts of your visitors. Email, name, and phone number capture tools are available to make your job easier. You can put them wherever you want. However, on Facebook for example, you have constraints on how to use it, because the network does everything to keep users on its platform.

It is used to demonstrate your expertise

On your blog, you will create super relevant and useful content, content that will solve the problems of your audience. The more high-quality content you produce, the more you will be seen as a specialist, as an expert. And since experts are always sought after and well paid, you understand the importance of having a blog.

It improves SEO

By writing optimized content on a number of keywords, visitors can easily find you when they search in search engines. On social networks, this is not the case, however, because you have publication constraints.

It brings you more traffic to your corporate site

The more you create optimized content, the more visitors will come to your blog, and this will push them to visit your website to see what is important to them. It’s that simple.

You can sell your products or services there

On your blog, whether you have a digital or physical product, you can sell it without asking anyone. Besides, the possibilities are enormous in terms of the tools necessary to achieve this goal. Whether you have an ebook, a plugin, a practical guide or want to offer services, your blog will allow you to do it as you please.

Want to sell advertising? Ah yes. Put it where you want it, even within the articles. What about Facebook, which sometimes even prevents you from showing your own paid advertisements with your money?

It is scalable as you wish

Over time and with success, your blog may experience limitations. Good news, you can develop it at the same time as your business. Is there a missing function? A developer will deliver it to you in a few days.

It is highly customizable

You can customize your blog however you want. Do you want to adorn it with your brand colors? This is doable and with disconcerting ease. On social networks, on the other hand, you are only a tenant who has duties and rarely rights.

It gives you a sense of pride, of accomplishment

When you have a blog with an audience of 0 to 2,000 visitors per month, you have a great deal of joy going through your body. You know that you have accomplished something that deserves satisfaction. This is all the more gratifying because it is due to your tireless efforts.

In conclusion

One of the best decisions you can make for your business is owning a blog. It brings traffic and prospects, demonstrates your expertise, and retains your audience. Besides, the numbers speak for themselves. However, social media should not be dismissed, as it can win new audiences, engage people where they are and spend the most time, and maximize your brand exposure.

My final advice on your launch on the web is therefore the following: create your blog and your social profiles, but focus more on your blog. You will see the benefits make you smile.

And you, what is your experience in blogging? Have you noticed an improvement in your activity? I await your comments in the comment section 😉