86% of Internet users buy online: adopt Google Shopping 2020 -

86% of internet users buy online. The Google Shopping campaigns are therefore a great way to promote its products and increase its turnover. The reasons for this incredible statistic being so high are varied. However, it could be attributed to retailers like Lowe’s offering promo codes at websites like https://www.raise.com/coupons/lowes. Other reasons could include convenience and a general decline in terms of variety offered on high streets and in malls.

This opportunity attracts many companies and makes the web a real battleground for companies who want to differentiate themselves. Succeeding in pulling out of the game requires a lot of skill, reflection and persistence.

An approach for ambitious e-merchants

You want to develop your online business and know the need to promote your products on different platforms.

Our Google Shopping management service covers all aspects of your product’s search advertising needs, from optimizing bids and performance to targeting and fully managing your product feed.

Shopping ads from Google or Bings give you the opportunity to take your advertising to the next level. The success of these campaigns requires time and expertise, we work with your developers or create your product flow for you.

To put the odds on your side, your campaigns are continuously monitored, tested and optimized. Our goal is continuous improvement and that is why we get results.

The advertising platforms used

Google Shopping

With more than 94% of searches done on Google (in England), it represents the most used search engine.

Google Shopping gives you the opportunity to present and sell your products directly from Google’s search results.


Bing and Yahoo have their own demographics and users and so shouldn’t be overlooked because what doesn’t work on one may work well on the other.

Comprehensive support

We combine data, human reflection and machine learning to offer you the best possible optimization of your Shopping campaigns.

Creation of product flow

For create a Google Shopping campaign, we’ll need to import your product feed data to the Google Merchant Center. Then, our consultants set up your Google Merchant Center account by associating it with your Google Ads account.

Data flow monitoring and optimization

Managing data feeds, budgets, keywords and campaigns is crucial to increase ROI.

As data is essential for making good decisions, we combine manual management, machine learning and scripts to help us achieve your goals.

Our optimization efforts, from product titles to categorization, aim to increase quality while making your ads more accessible to your audience and maximize conversions.

Optimization of bidding strategies

By mixing automations and manual adjustments, our team allocates the budget to the most profitable campaigns and product segments.

To be effective, your Shopping campaigns must be segmented according to the types or brands of your products and the most effective budgetary strategies.

For this, a number of factors are taken into account: geographic targeting, schedules, devices, audience, keywords, products …

Monthly reporting

Each month, we review your results and discuss growth opportunities and adjustments to your AdWords campaigns. We make it easy for you by producing meaningful data that is easy to understand.

A written report is therefore sent to you every month and we debrief these results during an interview.

Are you running out of time, don’t have the skills, or just don’t feel like managing your Google Ads campaigns? Contact Us. We are nice and we have good ideas.