Whether you are a beginner user in the creation and management of your website or an expert in the field, there are certain terms of vital importance that will help you offer your customers the best user experience and in this way you will increase your sales and conversions


We will start with the most used and relevant concepts!

1. Site builder

The site builder It is the main tool with which you can create your entire web page. Using it does not require knowledge of graphic design or programming. Only you and your work team will have the access code to it, and you will be able to visualize each change before approving it and publishing it to the community

2. Template

The template is a fundamental element of its website, which will define all the aesthetic aspects of it. Your choice is one of the first decisions we advise you to make!

A fundamental advantage with CWT Advertising, is that at any time you can modify the template, either by one that seems more functional for your business, or to temporarily personalize it for a holiday, without affecting the content of your site.

You can bring your website to life with personalized templates and thus surprise all your visitors with your designs!

3. Shopping cart.

The shopping cart is an essential part to contemplate for any company that offers products, or also for those who wish to market services online.

It is important to keep in mind that ecommerce is not limited to large companies, but instead is a huge opportunity for any entrepreneur or small business in growth.

It is estimated that by 2017, more than 60% of the sales of a brand will be carried out virtually and that revenues from e-commerce will double compared to previous years.

Owning an online store that has all the means of payment, that is safe to carry out transactions and also that it has all the updated catalog is an excellent way to catapult your company to the top.

Do you think it is very difficult to implement a shopping cart or can it only be done with expensive labor? The answer is no ! With CWT Advertising you can achieve your virtual store in an agile and efficient way with simple steps!

4. Landing page

A landing page, or “landing page”, is a page created to show all the information of a specific topic, with the aim of getting the navigators to leave their contact information when they arrive at it.

Its design must take care of all the details to achieve a high “conversion rate”, that is, that a large part of the users who arrive there contact you.

Are you thinking of running an Adwords campaign, or are you planning to launch a new product? Your landing page should shine and capture the attention of your visitors for that particular purpose. If you derive traffic to your institutional website you could generate distractions and lose the focus of the action you intend to enhance.

5. Fast website loading

The speed of loading a website is measured in milliseconds and is the speed with which information is displayed to the user. It is a fundamental element to consider in a modern website.

A slow load will cause navigators to leave your site frustrated. On the other hand, a fast load will not only be rewarded by your customers or prospects, but also by Google, since it is an essential factor that the search engine takes into account for Web positioning.

6. SEO

And since we have talked about Web Positioning, let’s move forward with the topic!

SEO is the initials of “Search Engine Optimization”, and consists of all the practices that can be used to be in the top search engine locations for the main concepts of your business.

In SEO you will find “Black hat” and “White Hat”. The first are those techniques or professionals who look for tricks to raise positions, and are sooner or later punished by search engines.

The “white hat”, are the ones that are well used will allow a website to increase its visits over time in a solid way.

7. Domains

The domain is “THE NAME” of your website, and is the one you know by “.com”, “.com.ar”, etc.

It is important that you know that the domains have a periodic renewal, with a minimum span of 1 year, and you must continue extending it to protect your brand. Having an easy to remember domain, that is associated with your item or activity and that does not contain characters that lend themselves to writing problems is the fundamental basis for growing on the internet. Your domain is definitely the marquee of your business!

8. Reponsive

Site “Responsive” or “Responsive”, is another fundamental term that you must understand. The characteristics of these web pages is that they adapt instantly to the device on which they are being displayed, either on a huge smart TV, or on a small smartphone, showing in each case the relevant information in the best way.

A website that does not adapt to mobile devices will be a huge flow of traffic and sales losses, on the contrary a responsive website will raise the satisfaction rate of users and therefore conversions.

9. Pages with protected access

They are those sections of your website, which you only want to be available to a certain set of users.

Some Examples: Price list with discounts, exam notes, etc.