9 lessons to boost your press relations 2020 -

The press relations agency 1min30 published a white paper on the 9 lessons to follow to adapt your press relations to the digital era …

The white paper is 27 pages long and is divided into 9 parts.

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We are all media!

Yes, today we are all media, which changes the relationship to traditional media. Businesses are media themselves, so they need to approach other media more as partners than in demand.

The impact of digital on press relations

The digital has a definite impact on the way of doing press relations, the tools, the temporality are no longer the same. On the other hand, contact and relationships remain decisive.

The importance of press relations as part of a digital strategy

As such, press relations and by extension influencer relations are very important as part of a digital strategy. Influencers are the relay of your communication, they allow the dissemination of your messages and contribute (through links) to the quality of your SEO.

Why do PR disappoint?

Many news agencies are not aware of the evolution of the profession. The growing need for engagement and return on investment, the loss of value in the address book, and the growing importance of content.

Win-win content

Producing and delivering quality content is key to a win-win partnership with the media and influencers.

Bounce on the news with newsjacking!

Newsjacking is a good tactic for increasing press coverage.

Defining your target influencers

If we are all media, we can all be influencers who get more complex about finding influencers before a campaign, they are not always where we expect them by product or service.

Measuring the return on investment of PR actions

In my opinion, this is one of the keys to success in press relations. Offer more result indicators beyond the press freelance and the evaluation of the advertising equivalent.

Using Scoop.it for Business in press relations

Why not use Scoop.it for Business to manage your press relations, you will benefit from all the services of a newsroom at low cost.

To find out in detail these 9 teachings, download the free white paper on the site of 1min30