Blogosphere – A / B testing, HR trends in 2017, digital salaries in Paris, entrepreneurship… [Lu sur la blogosphère] – November 20, 2016

You have certainly been looking forward to it, here is our new selection of digital marketing news! On the menu: A / B testing, HR trends of 2017, digital, communication and marketing salaries in Paris, entrepreneurship, advertising, without forgetting all the news related to our dear social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter… and of course Facebook). Also find a selection of job and internship offers not to be missed …

Job & co’m

job & co'mHere is a selection of offers to find on our website dedicated to digital job & co’m:

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  1. Lead Developer, The Guarantors, NYC;
  2. Senior Sales Manager, Data Berries, Paris;
  3. Customer Acquisition Executive, HostMaker, Paris;
  4. Office Manager, Tediber, Paris;
  5. Business Developer, Doctolib, Amiens.

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  1. Business Development, Yougov, Paris;
  2. Assistant Product Manager, Powersanté, Paris;
  3. Growth Hacking, Formelab, Paris;
  4. Digital Marketing Assistant, ABCSalles, Paris;
  5. Communication Assistant, La ruche qui dit oui, Paris.

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