a delightfully fun marketing strategy for containment 2020 Guide -

Apparently, containment has given brands, sometimes improbable, ideas. And to the great surprise, these marketing strategies are impactful and are bearing fruit! To keep busy and escape boredom, McDonald’s has decided to offer… Burger puzzle in a fun way on Instagram…

Restoration is the first sector affected by the coronavirus pandemic. But while several outlets for fast food chains are closed during containment, some brands have decided to innovate.

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Following Burger King’s “quarantine” recipes on Twitter, McDonald’s Belgium has launched a 500-piece puzzle showing its famous Big Mac.

The idea came from his communication agency TBWA Belgium who said in a press release: “But beware. Don’t eat it, supplement it. ”

She adds : ” The puzzle is the perfect way to kill time and calm yourself down during this stressful time. ”

A fun and deliciously thought out marketing strategy

How to get it? McDonald’s simply offers 20 puzzles via a game on Instagram.

This game offers Instagrammers to share its message in its story, explain why they want to have one, and then tag McDonald’s.

This is enough to give you ideas to adapt your marketing and communication in the face of the coronavirus and develop your community on Instagram.

Not bad is not it ?