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An excellent way to promote the products in your shopping cart is to generate a Google Shopping campaign, which allows you to display your products through images in the search engine. In CWT Advertising we introduce you to all the necessary concepts so that you know what it is, and how to create them.

What is Google Shopping and what is its benefit?

Surely you will have seen them on multiple occasions. Here is an example.
When looking for «lawn mowers», you can see on the right the advertisements of Garbarino and MercadoLibre, which tend to carry out these types of campaigns. On a PC they are displayed in the right section and as you can see, in small print it reads “sponsored”. We advise you to look for products you offer in your online store, and analyze if your competitors carry out these types of campaigns.

On a smartphone, the ads have even more preponderance than on a computer, standing out at the top of the results. This situation strengthens the vision that we have commented on this blog, which many times more than a free search engine that also shows advertising, Google is actually a platform to pay and appear in first place, and that in a complementary way it shows organic results. This is especially noticeable in searches with marketable products.

In conclusion, you can show your products with striking images, highlighting the price, directing the links to the exact page where you sell them, and in a preponderant place, even above the classic search ads.

What do you need to create a Google Shopping campaign?

But … what is Google Merchant and how do I register?

Google Merchant Center is a tool that helps you upload data from your store, your brand and your products, and make them available to Google Shopping and other Google services.

To register you need:

  • A website
  • That you can prove to Google the ownership of your website, so “claims” to Google Merchant.

There are several ways of doing this, which are the same ones that you use to register your website in Google Webmaster tools. (In fact, if you already have it, the procedure is almost automatic). In the case of CWT Advertising, we recommend that you use Google Tag Manager, which is integrated into our platform

You can start using Google Merchant here

How do you upload your products to Google Merchant?

There are several ways, one of the simplest and really comfortable, is to create a spreadsheet in Google Drive, and enter it in Google Merchant.

When you register this form in Google Merchant, you can tell it to review the information periodically, for example daily, for Google to update prices (important for example in Argentina where prices change daily these days!), in addition to informing you if a product has no stock, so stop showing it.

About Google Shopping Account Approval

It should be noted that Google is very demanding and performs a manual review, which takes a few days to allow you to run these campaigns. It is essential that you comply with all policies, such as clearly specifying what your return policy is. The process can be tedious, since the testing they perform on your site is exhaustive. But the fundamental thing is that once you comply with all the observations, the campaign will be approved. You can view more information here

Starting your Google Shopping campaign

Finally, there is the final part, which is to generate your campaign in Google Ads. You must enter by starting a “sales” campaign, and then choose “promote your products with Shopping ads”.

The campaigns will be carried out on the products that you have approved.

Keywords of your campaign?

It should be noted that, unlike a classic search engine campaign, you should not enter any keywords, since Google Ads decides when to show your ads, according to the description of the products you have entered. Although it is important to note that you can add negative keywords, so that your ads do not appear in searches of users that do not interest you.

In the reports, just like another campaign, you can see the number of impressions, clicks, and cost of your investment.
In this specific campaign, a maximum click of $ 4 was offered, and the CTR, that is, the effectiveness of the click / impression campaign, is 3%