a Heinz puzzle to get around containment, that tells you? 2020 Guide -

As confinement related to the Covid-19 pandemic begins to weigh on most households, brands have decided to help them overcome it by inviting them directly to their homes. The social media marketing trend of the moment? The puzzle. To help ketchup enthusiasts live their confinement better, Heinz offers 57 ketchup puzzles in 17 countries around the world thanks to a game on Instagram

After MacDonald’s and his Burger puzzle, Heinz Ketchup also bet on this marketing strategy by proposing his puzzle of 570 pieces, all identical with the famous Heinz red. It may well be the slowest puzzle in the world …

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But this is intended!

“Heinz is known for its iconic slow-flowing ketchup. During this time when everyone has a little more free time and the popularity of puzzles has exploded, we wanted to help pass the time by combining these two ideas ”, says Brian Neumann, Senior Brand Manager, Kraft Heinz Canada.

“We’re always looking for fun, contextually relevant ways to make our consumers smile, and this ridiculously slow, red-hot Heinz ketchup puzzle seemed like the perfect solution,” he adds.

57 Heinz puzzles in 17 countries around the world

To win one, just go to his Instagram account and comment on a post and tag a person with whom you want to complete the puzzle.