A new extension to organize tabs in Chrome - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Go to Tab is an extension for Google Chrome, ideal for those who tend to have many open browser tabs, while doing their academic research, or as part of the job.The dynamic he proposes is simple. Instead of going through each of the tabs we have opened, we just have to select the Go to Tab icon, which we find in the browser bar.

As we see in the image, we will have all the tabs sorted in a list, with the logo and name of the web page that we have open.

It will give us the option to eliminate those that we no longer use, directly from the list. And if we have too many tabs open, we can use the search engine to find the one we are looking for.

Although it lacks to polish some aspects, an interesting detail that has the extension, is that it facilitates navigation when we use several Chrome windows. In the list it will show each one of the open windows, followed by the corresponding tabs.

We just have to select the web page we want to open, and it will automatically open it, even if it corresponds to the window we have minimized. So, we can easily alternate between the content of our interest, just by consulting the Go to Tab list.

It is a simple and practical option, which will save us time and effort.