A new functionality that will enhance your website - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

In CWT Advertising we always want to provide you with all the components and tools so you can make a quality website that maximizes the possibilities of selling and recognizing your brand. That is why and since there are very useful external functionalities on the market, which can be added to a website, our development team incorporated the function of “Custom Script” or “Custom Code”, which will allow you to add software solutions created by third parties to your site, in a very simple and transparent way for your visitors.

In this note we will tell you in detail what “Custom Script” is, where you can configure it, and examples of some of the fantastic features that you can achieve on your website.

What is “Custom Script” or “Custom Code”?

It is a fragment of HTML, Javascript, or CSS code, developed by a third party, which you can incorporate into your website, and that will modify the appearance of it.

Brief introductory glossary for you to know all the concepts:

HTML: It is the code that details what the content of a website is and how it is displayed
Javascript: It is a programming language that allows your site to have advanced features within one or more pages, which are resolved within the browser you use.
CSS: It is a graphic design language that details aspects of visualization and presentation of your website.

Where is “Custom Script” modified in CWT Advertising?

You have to go to “Settings-> Integrations and Apps”, and there you will see “Custom Code”. Edit it to enable it and start its use.

What does “head” and “body” mean?

When you incorporate third-party code in the instructions, some will tell you to add it in the Head (header), others in the Body, or they will give you HTML code for each of these places.
Basically in the head there are general instructions on the page, and in the body there is the content to be displayed.

Examples of functions that you can add with “Custom Scripts”

Add a chat to your website

There are multiple chat solutions available. As an example, we tried Freshchat. This type of tool is ideal for sites with high traffic volume, since it incorporates bots with automatic response, or it also automatically assigns the conversation to the available operator with less workload.
Once you register on your website, Freshchat will give you the code to add in the head, and in the body

Already implemented at the bottom of your website, the chat icon will appear.

  1. Chat

When users click there, a window like the following opens.

Add a survey to your website

GetSiteControl is another powerful tool that you can incorporate into your site. Among its functions, there is a survey creator, so that your visitors complete within your website, and you can see the results at any time.

The interesting thing about GetSiteControl, or other similar tools such as Usabilla, is that they allow you to choose who and at what time you will see the survey, which adds important opportunities to learn more about the users of your website.

Examples of what you can achieve?

Promotional popups

Also with GetSiteControl, or with other tools such as www.aivalabs.com or www.convertflow.com, you can add a pop-up to your website, such as the following:

Web Analytics Tools

There are also solutions that provide very detailed information about the behavior of your visitors on the web, storing the route that your visitors have followed.

Some of them are www.mixpanel.com, www.woopra.com, www.hotjar.com, www.optimizely.com or www.useinsider.com

We test for example Hotjar, which in addition to the results, allows you to add a feedback solution so that your readers tell you that they have found your website

Browser notifications

Another really very useful function, and increasingly used, is the “Push Notifications”, whereby the browser sends the visitor information of interest on the web while browsing, as a suggestion or promotions. You can do it with tools like www.onesignal.com or www.foxpush.com

In this tutorial we show you how to configure OneSignal

Concluding remarks of “Custom Scripts”

  • You can add any functionality provided by third parties, which allows you to incorporate its source code to your website.
  • You can implement multiple solutions.
  • Test each functionality implemented carefully, and check that your website behaves properly, since an error when pasting the texts may cause errors, which obviously can be solved if they are detected in time.

If you need help to implement any of the mentioned tools, do not hesitate to consult our technical team.