a webinar not to be missed 2021 -

To your agendas ! Appointment on Tuesday March 9 at 10:30 am to boost your lead generation on Facebook. CyberCité is organizing a webinar on the following subject: “FACEBOOK ADS: How to put Social Ads systems at the service of the generation of qualified leads? “. Discover the program with us …

Registration is free, you can register by following this link.

On the program of this Facebook Ads webinar

CyberCité will present the strategy implemented for Culligan England for their Facebook Lead Generation campaigns. You will discover the techniques and best practices for optimizing this type of campaign. You will thus be able to increase the ROI of your campaigns or future campaigns.

Here is the detailed program of this webinar dedicated to the lead generation strategy via Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads campaign formats and strategies
– Presentation of the Facebook Ads Lead Gen format
– Operation of associated databases
– Presentation of targeting from Facebook Ads Lead Gen campaigns

Monitor the quality of leads and improve campaign ROI: Case Study
– Presentation of the strategy for Culligan
– Monitoring of lead quality
– Improved campaign CPLs
– Optimization of campaign ROI
– Results of actions

Enrich the media system to optimize the quality of leads
– Work your Social Ads strategy in A / B testing campaign objectives and audiences.
– Proposal of an enriched account structure.

The program seems very rich, we will attend, and you ?!

To register for the webinar for free, just follow this link:

Register for the webinar Generate qualified leads via Facebook Ads

Article written in collaboration with CyberCité