A week of training to boost your business 2020 -

Audience is good, but converting is even better! By mastering the copywriting techniques you can generate audience and convert your visitors into buyers. See you on January 23 for a week of copywriting advice and training, registration is free and you will learn the essential techniques for your business. Hurry places are limited…

Organized by Stanislas Leloup, founder of Marketing Mania and specialist in sales tunnels and conversation, this week of training will allow you to develop your knowledge of copywriting and the business of your site for free!

Training & Co'm

For a week, you will receive lessons and advice on how to set up a coywriting strategy, capture the attention of your prospects, build a sales page and convert your visitors into buyers. You will also have the opportunity to attend a masterclass live on Thursday 26 at 12 noon on the theme “Write a sales page that converts” at the end of which you can ask your questions!

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Full copywriting week program:

Day 1: The Power of Copywriting in Action

  1. How copywriting doubled the sales of my first business in 7 minutes of work;
  2. How to use copywriting in any market (with B2C and B2B examples);
  3. How to analyze your customers’ emails to find out if your persuasion message is working.

Day 2: 3 Steps to Write a Captivating Sales Page

  1. How to capture (and keep) the attention of your prospect – even if your product is not exciting;
  2. My 3-step method to transform a “lambda” sales message into a captivating story;
  3. Examples of sales pages that use this method in different markets.

Day 3: How to identify the hidden desires of your prospects

  1. The film-inspired method Inception to identify hidden needs that your competitors are ignoring;
  2. The story of the sales video that is so addictive that it made a prospect cry (with evidence);
  3. Video examples of companies that CARTONON by exploiting a hidden desire.

Day 4: Live masterclass “Write a sales page that converts”

(The Masterclass will take place live online on Thursday at 12 noon).

  1. How a sales page got my first business off the ground overnight;
  2. How to build a profitable site even if you have very little traffic;
  3. The system I use on all of my sales pages.MORE : ask me all your questions live after the presentation.

Day 5: How to become the best Copywriter in your market

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