Accessible Accessible luxury: make you dream at low prices 2020 -

High-end brands don’t just sell luxury goods, they convey the image of a luxurious lifestyle. By using sophisticated images in their advertising and marketing, they immerse consumers in their sumptuous universe. Fortunately, you don’t need an inordinate budget to achieve the same effect. Here are some simple ways to allow small businesses to inject a luxury dimension into their content, whatever their budget …


Think conceptual

Start a search in the conceptual category. You’ll get results ranging from color explosions to everyday surreal shots. When you choose a conceptual aspect, it is preferable to keep it simple and to select images that provoke contemplation without moving away from the central message.

SEARCH TIP: Try search terms like imagination, technical manipulation, concept art, surrealism, and high-end surrealism to get a wide variety of abstract images.


Think animal

A minimalist aesthetic brings a touch of sophistication without affecting your budget. For a long time, trend experts Getty Images have been evoking the power of “less-is-more”, which reappeared in 2016 with the creative visual trend “The valuing of silence”. When using content that is both minimalist and luxurious, it’s essential to understand the types of emotions you want to evoke, and then match that mood to the photo.

SEARCH TIP: set the number of people to zero and use search terms like empty white space, simplicity, and a sober background to get clean, subtle results. You can also just search for the colors associated with your brand. Images with less variation in color more strongly express this notion of minimalism.


Think vintage

Vintage or vintage-inspired photographs provide an elegant aesthetic by evoking nostalgia or romantic feelings of the past. Black and white images can also give a similar feeling.

SEARCH TIP: For a classic look, try using keywords like old and sepia.


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