Add Anchors to your Sites - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

CWT Advertising has incorporated the possibility of adding anchors to the pages of a site. They serve to delimit sections and then be able to create links to each of them. It is an ideal tool to perform modern Landing Pages.

Step 1: How are they used?

Add anchors on a page from the editor

Drag the new “Anchor” element located within the “Structure” type options, to establish where the beginning of a section will be.

You can enter a name and then easily identify the section.

Step 2: Generate the links in the menu

Generate the links in the menu

Once you have established the sections within a page you can create links in your menu. For this you simply have to select the option “Create links to anchors on this page” from the drop-down menu shown below:

This will automatically generate the links in the menu:

You can also create links manually, by clicking on the “New link” option in the drop-down next to the “New page” button. When selecting a page of the site that has anchors, the system will list each one of them allowing you to link it to the menu.

Step 3: Create links within a page

You can use this same functionality in any link on a page. You can link an anchor to a button, text, image or any element that supports the “add link” option.