Add anchors to your website and increase your conversion rate - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

CWT Advertising has incorporated the possibility of adding anchors to the pages of your sites. We tell you below the benefit of its use and how you can do it within the platform, without knowing or dealing with HTML.

What is an anchor on a website and what benefits does it bring you?

The main objective of an anchor – or anchor in English – is the delimitation of specific sections within a web page. In this way it is possible to navigate between the different sectors without reloading the page. So you can visualize it better, we invite you to see this animated gif that shows its use, and then continue reading.

anchor in landings pages

Why is an anchor ideal in Landing Pages?

On a landing page or landing page you want your visitor, – which you have attracted through email marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or any other marketing campaign, – stay in the reading obtaining all the pertinent information, until finally completing the contact form.By using anchors you will be able to navigate without leaving that URL.

Keep in mind that each reload of new pages is a precious time that your potential customer wastes, and a source of distraction towards other tasks, or worse, when visiting websites of competitors that are being analyzed next to yours. Retaining it without delay will increase your conversion and success rates. It should be noted that this is essential both in PCs, and even more so in mobile phones, where in Latin America we still have slow data connections with a considerable delay in front of each new load.

It should also be noted that the use of anchors is a rising trend in modern Landing Pages.

How can you implement it in CWT Advertising?

1. Add anchors on a page from the editor

Drag the new “Anchor” element located within the “Structure” type options, to establish where the beginning of a section will be.

creation of html anchors on landing pages

2. Generate the links in the menu

Once you have established the sections within a page you can create links in your menu. For this you simply have to select the option “Create links to anchors on this page” from the drop-down menu shown below:

create links to html anchors with editor