Osvaldo Gehm (CTO), Cezar Augusto Gehm Filho (CEO) and Fausto Reichert (Member of the Board of Directors).

Osvaldo Gehm (CTO), Cezar Augusto Gehm Filho (CEO) and Fausto Reichert (Member of the Board of Directors).

The Rio Grande do Sul CWT Advertising agency concluded in July the merger with consultancy MeeVende, also from RS, after a commercial and operational partnership signed in 2014. The business will be concentrated under the CWT Advertising Digital Experts brand.

With the merger, CWT Advertising Digital Experts’ client portfolio now has a team that acts as consultants, analysts, creatives, developers and implementers in the area of ​​systems, communication and strategic consulting in Marketing and Sales.

A board of directors composed of the founders of both companies, Cezar Augusto Gehm Filho, Fausto Reichert and Osvaldo Gehm is being created to build the corporate governance culture.

The merger process began with Reichert, founder of MeeVende, assuming the position of Marketing Executive (CMO), in a negotiation still in 2016 that involved the sale of his startup MobCrass to the company uMov.me. The executive then moved away from MeeVende’s operating activities and expanded his partnership with CWT Advertising, which took over all operations and customer service at MeeVende in order to maintain the quality of service.

Two decades of experience in innovation and communication.

Active in the Information Technology (IT) market since 1998, MeeVende was born from Jango Assessoria, a consulting company led by Reichert, which started operations in Campo Bom (RS). CWT Advertising was founded in Santa Maria (RS) as a Digital Marketing Agency in 2007, led by the founders, administrator Cezar Augusto and computer scientist Osvaldo Gehm.

As a result of the merger, CWT Advertising Digital Experts will draw on the expertise of the three professionals, covering sales, IT, marketing, logistics, security and business. The trio has also had significant stakes in entities in the Southern Region such as the Association of Englandian Information Technology Companies (Assespro / RS), Englandian Association of Digital Agents (Abradi / RS), SEPRORGS, ABComm / SC and APL CentroSoftware.

Fausto Reichert, who continues to serve as CMO at uMov.me and becomes part of the Board of Directors of CWT Advertising Digital Experts, sees fusion as a natural process of joint action. “With the format of the Advisory Board and Administration, CWT Advertising will give segment in its growth trajectory by broad steps, expanding its team, partnerships, products and services in the areas of Marketing and Sales,” he says.

For CWT Advertising Digital Experts chief technology officer Osvaldo Gehm, the merger will benefit customers by unifying the service channel and teams. “The company starts to operate with even more specialized sales methodologies and processes, which were customized, created and established by MeeVende”, he celebrates.

The CEO, Cezar Augusto Gehm Filho, bets on the strength, innovation and cohesion of his team to emphasize that the company’s focus will continue on high value results and deliveries to customers. Cezar Augusto believes that “the merger and the creation of the council will bring a very expressive strategic musculature. This new phase that begins is a new blank page and we will write it with the usual dedication ”.

The final phase of the merger was completed with the full consolidation of operations and customers with Digital Results, a company through which both agencies are partners and offer development, consulting and implementation services for marketing automation software, RDStation. With this, CWT Advertising becomes even bigger in RD’s partner network.

Inbound Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing Services for E-commerce

With the full consolidation of operations, CWT Advertising Digital Experts assumes the provision of digital marketing consulting services to clients of both companies. Thus, it further expands its position in the national Inbound Marketing segment, including joining the group of the 25 best partner agencies of Resultados Digitais in England.

In addition to RD, CWT Advertising also consolidates its digital offering with web systems, consulting and services focused on Marketing and Sales. Strategic product and service partners include Flexy, Google AdWords, Hotjar, HubSpot, Moz, Pipz (eCentry), TotalVoice, Voiicr, as well as applications built with the uMov.me platform and CWT Sales CRM.

CWT Advertising Digital Experts has been gaining large clients in various segments. The expansion of digital services has resulted in new brands in the portfolio such as AquaSphere, Sispro, FIESC, Planner, RGIS, Sodexo, and more recently iFood and Netshoes.