Aid initiatives for small businesses in the corona crisis 2020 -

Corona is causing a crisis, especially in small businesses. Corona also leads to lots of solidarity: More and more self-employed people, freelancers and owners are now teaming up to get through the corona crisis together.

Many places are emerging now Initiatives, platforms and creative actionsto mitigate the loss in sales as much as possible. For example, local retailers, restaurants and cafés or even cinemas and club operators come together in networks – and benefit from the cooperation.

We looked around for you in UKy and found that there is a lot of cohesion, many ideas – and almost everyone can be there with their business. Have a look at our list. And if you discover an initiative that is missing, please write to [email protected]

National initiatives in UKy


#supportyourlocal – Support your favorite places

It’s all about this: Voucher sales from bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters, cinemas and retailers of all kinds. Possible throughout UKy.

How to join: Simply create a voucher shop on firstvoucher and you will be listed.

♥ Local Gastro ♥ | Order online and support local restaurants

It’s all about this: Local Gastro specializes in gastronomy and a UKy-wide platform for restaurants and cafés that offer take-away and delivery. So far over 50,000 vouchers have been sold.

How to join: You simply register via the website.

#PayNowEatLater | Buy vouchers for bars, cafes and restaurants

It’s all about this: Pay now, eat later! Users simply choose their city and buy a voucher for their favorite bar, club or restaurant. So they continued to earn, the voucher will be redeemed later. Vouchers worth over 200,000 euros have already been sold.

How to join: You can simply register online.

Sei a GastroRetter and take your food with you – GastroRetter

It’s all about this: The initiative promotes ordering takeaway food instead of visiting a restaurant to reduce restaurateurs’ lost sales. Promotional material is available for download.

How to join: On the website you will find posters and graphics for downloading, printing and hanging!

Restaurant hero

It’s all about this: The platform enables all restaurateurs to sell vouchers throughout UKy.

How to join: Simply fill out the contact form and be there.

Shops and shops

“Friendship for Reading” – voucher campaign for the future of the book trade

It’s all about this: The campaign supports bookstores to now offer vouchers (online) in order to be able to generate income despite the doors being closed. Various information materials are available for download on the website.

How to join: Simply download the information material and register. You can find more information and stories about the campaign under the hashtag #FriendshipForRead | Save retail in the corona crisis

It’s all about this: The website offers an online marketplace for all businesses that need to remain closed.

How to join: Simply click on “Add store”, be listed and you’re ready to go. Customers can browse all offers on the platform and then contact the dealers directly. Sale, payment, delivery or collection – different “delivery routes” are possible.

long live the block – support your local businesses

It’s all about this: For UKy and Austria: Voucher sales for businesses in all industries that currently cannot receive customers on site.

How to join: Registration works online and is free of charge.


#help your cinema

It’s all about this: Watch online advertising and thus help cinemas: Users search for their favorite cinema on the website and can voluntarily watch commercials – in favor of the cinemas. Economic support could hardly be easier.

How to join: In the FAQ on the page you will find a contact address. – together is more than one

It’s all about this: 2gather is a platform through which small businesses or solo self-employed people can get expert advice in times of crisis.

Initiatives in Baden-Württemberg | Support your local heroes (Stuttgart)

It’s all about this: Restaurants, cafés and bars are closed, but tips can still be given. All catering establishments in Stuttgart can take part in the campaign and receive a tip from virtual (and hopefully very real) customers.

How to join: You can register online – more than 70 companies are already there!

Tübingen – Delivery Services and Shop Online (Tübingen)

It’s all about this: Here, customers get an overview of participating shops from Tübingen, which offer their products for shipping online, as well as links to online shops, a new community shop and information on restaurants that offer take-away and delivery.

How to join: Simply contact us by phone or via the website.

Home – We from here (Mannheim)

It’s all about this: App for the virtual shopping tour. If the customer is interested, there is live advice via video call, the goods are dispatched.

How to join: Simply register and you are part of the app.

Kaufregal – The market place for Baden-Württemberg

It’s all about this: Local companies can now register for free in the online department store and put their offer online. Whether retail, catering or sports & leisure, live workouts, vouchers or gifts – customers can browse through the offers in different categories.

How to join: You start the registration directly on the website.

Initiatives in Bavaria

#teampassau – The Passau citizen portal around the Coronavirus (Passau)

It’s all about this: Here you can get the latest news about the Corona crisis and Passau as well as a network that lists current special regulations and services of the Passau shops.

How to join: Under “Offer help” you can list your offer.

Support your locals – Munich: Support Your Locals – by locals for locals (Munich)

It’s all about this: Information network for local traders about offers of help in the area and on the net as well as information for people who would like to support.

How to join: At the top of the page you will find a link to the contact form with which you can register.

Initiatives in Berlin

Helfen.Berlin | Emergency aid in the Corona crisis for restaurants, bars and clubs

It’s all about this: Bars, cafés, restaurants, but also theaters and cinemas as well as book shops can offer vouchers for sale via the portal.

How to join: You register your business or your company on the website.

Stay Home Club Berlin: start

It’s all about this: Stay at Home Berlin is an association of fair-trade beverage manufacturers from the capital, who have no orders due to the closings of clubs, bars and restaurants. Drinks and – due to the crisis – other everyday products are now being delivered to your home. Usual suppliers are used as drivers. Other local fair trade companies can also participate. With every order, 5 euros go to the fund for Berlin clubs, organizers and artists.

How to join: It is best to contact the initiative by email.

Initiatives in Hamburg

Hamburg does it

It’s all about this: All catering establishments and shops from the Hanseatic city can register here – and customers can find their offers online, can order directly from the provider and either pick them up or have them delivered.

How to join: You can enter your shop or restaurant using this form.

Altona does it

It’s all about this: In the Altona district of Hamburg, this association of retailers, companies, restaurateurs, creative people, freelancers and initiatives has been formed. Household goods, clothing or drugstore items – you shop online.

How to join: You will be listed immediately after entering the shop, you will take over the purchase and processing yourself.

Initiatives in Lower Saxony

purchasehaus Lüneburg online shop Department store Lüneburg Shop (Lüneburg)

It’s all about this: The Lüneburg department store is a platform on which local retailers offer their products centrally online.

How to join: It is best to contact the platform by email or by phone.

HOME | STOYL (Hildesheim and Hanover)

It’s all about this: Small companies from all industries can offer vouchers of all kinds, thereby minimizing the loss in sales.

How to join: If you want to take part, simply register at [email protected] and off you go.

Initiatives in North Rhine-Westphalia support your favorite places (Düsseldorf)

It’s all about this: The platform offers customers a voucher sale from local bars, restaurants, cafes, retailers and service providers. The motto is also here: buy now, redeem later.

How to join: Simply fill out the form and offer your own vouchers.

Cohesion (Bergisch Gladbach)

It’s all about this: Retailers and restaurateurs offer delivery or take-away of their products on the free platform. In addition, volunteers introduce themselves and the self-employed and small businesses can exchange ideas.

How to join: With a click on the button “Add entry” you are there!

Home who delivers what in Bielefeld Altstadt (Bielefeld)

It’s all about this: Shops from the old town now offer a delivery service directly to the front door of their customers via the platform. All companies that participate are listed on the homepage.

How to join: On the website you will find an area where you can list your company.

Veedelsretter – support the economy on your doorstep # covid19 (Cologne)

It’s all about this: Veedelsretter offers a voucher platform for all kinds of shops. Whether office supplies, hairdressers or restaurateurs – registration is free. A “donation” of solo contributions is also possible.

How to join: Business can register directly online.

Buy Willingen vouchers online (Willingen)

It’s all about this: In Willingen in the Sauerland (and beyond!) Customers can now buy vouchers from local dealers and companies of all kinds online.

How to join: At the bottom of the website you will find a link where you can register your business.

Initiatives in Rhineland-Palatinate

Delivery service in the district of Ahrweiler | Food & Goods (Ahrweiler District)

It’s all about this: Many restaurants and shops convert to delivery – and local customers can be found on this page!

How to join: New entries are possible on the website.

Initiatives in Schleswig-Holstein

We help Lübeck #HLfen: Home (Lübeck)

It’s all about this: Lubeck. The website is a central location for all local businesses in the region where they can offer their vouchers – retail, sports clubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, theaters and many other industries are already there.

How to join: Simply register via the “I’m affected” tab – and you’re there.

Initiatives in Austria

It’s all about this: Here customers buy anticipation – by catering companies from all over Austria offering their vouchers. “Anticipation” was sold 1000 times within the first week.

How to join: Simply go to “Register Gastro”, register and start the voucher sale. Together for our EPUs and SMEs

It’s all about this: Over 1,000 freelancers and small and medium-sized companies from all industries are represented on this voucher platform. Due to the high demand, psychotherapists are also listed who offer help via Skype, Zoom and Co.

How to join: Under “Enter company” you will find the appropriate contact form.

Austrian web shops

It’s all about this: Over 2,000 online shops of small and medium-sized companies from all over Austria are already listed here. All shops and industries can participate.

How to join: In order to be listed, you have to become a member of the Austrian Trade Association.

Regional search engine for Austria

It’s all about this: Customers can search for online shops from their region by product or city.
How to join:
Simply click on “Enter company” under the search field to be listed.


It’s all about this: Support Your Locals brings chefs, yoga teachers or fitness caches to your own four walls via live stream. The stream is free, a donation is requested.

How to join: Under the menu item “Have your company listed” you will get to the contact form.

Initiatives in Switzerland

Help the Lucerne shops to ensure their existence! (Lucerne)

It’s all about this: Gastronomy companies, retailers and service providers from the region offer vouchers here.
How to join:
To become a provider yourself, simply write an email to [email protected] or call 041 220 80 22. – The pragmatic support for Swiss business
It’s all about this: On this platform, restaurateurs, retailers and other traders from all over Switzerland offer vouchers for sale.

How to join: Just click on “Register” in the top right corner to do your business for free.