all about SEO and customer reviews 2020 Guide -

On a daily basis, you make numerous efforts to improve your SEO referencing: content creation, generation of backlinks, optimization of html code…

And if you also manage Google Ads campaigns, you also work to improve the ROI of your SEA campaigns: optimization of your bids and ads, addition and deletion of keywords … Did you know that it is possible to boost your SEO and SEA thanks to customer reviews?

Wednesday March 18 at 11 a.m., don’t miss this 100% search marketing webinar, organized by Trustpilot, which will present the different synergies between customer reviews and Google, in order to boost the performance of your SEO and SEA thanks to customer testimonials. To register for the webinar: click here.

Customer opinion: the best ally to boost your SEO thanks to user-generated content

Have you heard of U.G.C. ? This English acronym which means “User-generated Content”, is to encourage its users or Internet users to produce content, which will feed the website of a company: for example messages on a discussion forum, comments on a blog article or product tests. This contributes to enriching your website, increasing its traffic and improving its SEO.

For businesses, the most powerful user-generated content is customer opinion: it allows both to generate unique SEO content from consumers who have tested the product or service, and at the same time to serve as proof and influence the purchasing decision of potential buyers: indeed, 9 out of 10 French people consult the opinions of other consumers before placing an order.

During this webinar, you will learn how to implement a customer review strategy and how to benefit from it in your SEO strategy. Register now for the webinar to know more.

Do not miss this webinar “Google & customer reviews” on Wednesday 18/03 at 11am

During this webinar entitled “Google & customer reviews: everything you need to know”, you will discover:

  • How does Trustpilot and Google work together?
  • What triggers the display of stars?
  • How Rich Snippets and Seller Ratings Work
  • How to boost your referencing (SEO / SEA)?

If you are not available on 03/18 at 11 a.m., you can still register to receive the replay on demand immediately after the webinar is broadcast.


Article written in collaboration with Trustpilot