Analysis'Pro, SEO and technical monitoring tool 2020 -

For some time now I have been fortunate to be one of the beta testers of Seolius Analysis’Pro solution. For the record, the Seolius agency is collaborating with “analytics seo” to make a tool capable of bringing together various services useful for website analysis. The list of features is extensive and I hope to be able to offer a fairly clear and objective article to familiarize Internet users with the tool …

General presentation and handling of Analysis’Pro

Despite its good readability, the platform is not easy to handle. The number of features is impressive and fortunately a tutorial is there for a quick presentation. The objective: “Our goal is to help you better manage your CWT Advertising campaigns! “.

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The dashboard presents the performance indicators (configurable) and the tools available on the left. The tabs include: market analysis, technique, keywords, content, link, result, report and tasks. Each of the elements has a sublist which I will thank you for listing since without explanation this would be a waste of time.

The site is implemented in Analysis’Pro and then analyzed. Google webmaster tool and analytics are connected to the tool for the most global view possible. As long as the site is not set to 100%, the analysis does not start. (note that connection with other “analytics” solutions is not offered).

The general parameters of the site allow really practical actions: the fact of being able to export reports which are long to generate online is appreciable, without this possibility, a work related in particular to the lost incoming links would be completely impossible given the time necessary for loading . We also appreciate the time saved when it comes to extracting reports under a presentation template or page layout with predefined logos. I pass on the scheduled, generated, saved reports … the functionality is common.


First Campaign

Once the first campaign has been defined (site, keywords, WMT and analytics configured …) Analysis’Pro also allows you to add competitors and at the same time, have interesting reports on competing practices. The links, the number of pages, the evolution of keywords or the strategic positioning of these same keywords among competitors is a good source of inspiration.

The “monitoring” allows you to see clearly the positioning on the different “country” versions of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu, therefore depending on the country but also more precisely on the city on Google. A small point a little too bad is that it is not possible to select certain keywords only for a version (for example keywords linked to the locality which would not be of interest at the national level or vice versa).

Fields of possibility

Before taking a closer look at each feature that will allow me (or already allow me) to improve my visibility on the web. In the possible fields of application, the tracking of keywords particularly caught my attention. Indeed, the tool allows you to correlate urls and keywords to compensate for the “not provided” that Google has implemented.

Tracking links, more conventional, allows you to know the number of links, anchors, url of source and destination pages, trust flow and lost links, nofollow … a lot of information therefore concerning the links.

To quickly finish this presentation of the tool, what is particularly appreciable is to have all these functionalities combined in one and the same tool. So no need to get used to, connect and reconcile the information since it is available in the same place. In general, the tool is ergonomically well designed. At a glance, the indicators (green, orange, red) show the trend of each feature in relation to the site analyzed. Also, the option linked to the results allows us to see at a quick glance how much (in%) we are of the objective set beforehand.

In a next post, I will be particularly interested in the content and the analysis of this content by the solution. Being particularly attached to natural referencing, I wonder what reconciliation and to what extent Analysis’Pro could be enriched (or enriched) with a plugin specific to SEO.

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