Six girls, nine boys have teamed up to compose six practical guides to download on the topics of Web communication and editorial marketing. A great demonstration of web content marketing…

What do politics, the artistic world, tourism, expats, very small businesses, travel and the sports world have in common? That these sectors must all optimize their online presence to sell better.

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That’s why a group of aspiring editorial marketing and web communication experts have chosen to highlight these sectors in six white papers, where they apply the latest trends in web content strategy and online content marketing. to these (segments of) markets in particular.

How to optimize your online presence?

These six white papers answer a key question posed by all advertisers in recent years: How to optimize your online presence?

In these practical guides of fifteen to thirty pages, the reader will find precious advice and tips for better exploiting traditional web media (website, intranet, newsletter, etc.), and more particularly social media.

The recommendations you will find there are results oriented. They respond to the following challenges:

Six white papers, one blog: the “Red Hot Chili Papers”

6 girls, 9 boys: 15 aspiring web communication experts who offer you 6 white papers on web communication. All gathered on a blog whose regular posts come to further embellish this anthology of good practices… So don’t miss:

  1. Inbound marketing: a different way to sell yourself – L‘Inbound Marketing, Relational Communication, a different way to make your image attractive on the Internet. Find out how to work on your e-reputation on social networks to complement your digital identity or that of your brand.
  2. HR, social networks & expats: the tools that boost your management – Discover a mini-guide punctuated with tips, based on concrete examples and recent statistics … An easily usable tool, clearly structured and including visuals!
  3. Storytelling, the marketing strategy that makes you dream – Tell multiple stories to athletes of today and tomorrow and take them for a trip around the world. This communication strategy allows you to acquire and retain your customers.
  4. A good website for your SME: Optimize, control and make profitable its online presence in 2013 – Build your strategy and be visible on the Web. This practical guide is for use by small and medium-sized businesses who wish to professionalize their presence on the web.
  5. Increase the occupancy rate of your tourist accommodation on social networks – Build your strategy and be visible on the Web. This practical guide is for use by small and medium-sized businesses who wish to professionalize their presence on the web.
  6. Make yourself known on the Internet: broadcast a song, a photo, a video – Sounds, images, videos enrich Internet content, and can boost your site’s results in search engines. But the robots that browse the internet are mainly based on text. This is the paradox of universal referencing. Thanks to this white paper, your audience will find your creations more easily.

The context: training in content marketing & web communication

The Red Hot Chili Papers blog and the six white papers available for download are the result of laboratory work carried out during a certification course (100 days) organized by the TechnofuturTIC training center in Charleroi, Belgium.

Besides the module “editorial communication and marketing “, The training offers a more technical component and a core focused on employment. On the program: html language, social networks, monitoring, mindmapping, project management, referencing, personal branding,…

As for the “Web Communication” trunk itself, it was designed by We Are the Words, an online editorial agency specializing in editorial marketing and web content strategy.

The authors present their white paper this Thursday, October 18 at a conference, in Charleroi (Belgium). For those interested, there are still a few places left…