Credibility is a formidable copywriting “technique” that will allow you to increase conversions in your e-commerce. Discover how it works here …

Why are you buying drugs, eh? Because you are sick? No, I do not think so. You buy drugs because you think that taking them will make you feel better.

But how did you find these drugs (which in themselves are products like the ones you are looking to sell in your store)? This is probably because your doctor or an average doctor has recommended that you take them.

Alright … but why did you listen to him? This is not your brother or sister, parent or childhood friend: your doctor is basically unknown to you.

Unknown, of course, but that’s anyone: his title and diploma suggest to you that he has studied for several years and is competent to treat you. In other words, it is credible in your eyes – and that’s because he is that you’ll buy the products he recommends.

And the role of copywriting in all of this? If you don’t know, the definition of copywriting is: It’s the art of selling by words.

I’m not going to give you a “copywriting guide” or “full training” here. Buy a book or type it up on Google then read the first articles that come your way. These articles are good, but they don’t cover you with what I’m about to reveal to you here: the role of credibility in copywriting.

Credibility is not often mentioned in marketing. Well, yes, we talk about it, but not enough. It is not given the place it deserves when it is formidably effective at selling. It’s like a Karim Benzema – one of the best French strikers – that you don’t invite in the England team.

Trainer training

The role of credibility in copywriting: counterexample and example

Example 1: William, seduction coach

William’s YouTube channel

William is a seduction coach who has been talked about a lot on YouTube.

Indeed, William gives you flirting advice; but his credibility is not unanimous. William doesn’t have the “manly” voice, the face of a Brad Pitt, the square jaw and charisma of a Thomas Shelby, nor even the build of a Daniel Craig.

Plus, some of his advice is surprisingly simple (worse than the guys in marketing). For example, it makes you aware of the fact that you must take your shower before going to see a woman, that you must be careful to put on shirts, because women do not like guys in t-shirts, etc.

William: a credibility and marketing problem

This lack of credibility is so strong that Cyprien made a video of him on May 21, 2016 – video which earned him many criticisms since according to some Cyprien was doing gratuitous nastiness.

Let’s clarify one point though: I’m not a journalist, and I don’t have a business in seduction either. So I have no interest in speaking ill of William in order to subtly elevate myself above him. (What interests me is marketing.)

Let’s say I have a lot of difficulty with girls and after several years of failure I decide to seek help: I’ll admit that William would not be my first choice.

Why ? Because it’s not free and since it’s not free, I would like to get help from the best.

In this case, the “best” would preferably be a man who pleases women, who manages to arouse her interest and desire, who knows their psychology well, etc.

It’s like this if I wanted to get back in shape, and I had the choice between someone who seems to me to be physically in very good shape and who next to me have another coach who looks just a little bit fitter than me… the choice would be quick I think.

Lesson to learn: we usually seek help from people who “have already done it” or who have learned how to do it. It’s credibility.

I’m not saying William will never sell his offer to anyone. I really don’t know. What I am sure, however, is that William could increase his sales by focusing on building his credibility – improving his dress style and build, developing his charisma and charm, providing deeper advice, etc.

In the end, it is not the product that you buy, but the person.

Example 2: A porn actor who became a sex coach

Jean-Marie Corda is an actor in pornographic films who advise men in their sex life.

Jean-Marie teaches you to increase the size of your penis naturally, to hold back your ejaculation, to have a “solid” erection, to induce sexual desire in a woman, etc.

But Jean-Marie did not tackle the easiest niche since in order to take his products, you as a man have to accept:

– 1) that you have a problem at this level;

– 2) you need help.

As a man, I know how difficult it can be, because it clashes with our egos and challenges the exaggerated image of manhood we have of ourselves.

Podcast Marketing Mania: Copywriting and credibility of a sex coach

During his stint on the Marketing Mania podcast, Jean-Marie revealed that one of the things that really helps him sell … it was his pornographic videos.

Indeed, when he presented his offer to some men and felt like he wasn’t really taking it seriously, he just redirected them to one of his videos. The latter were easily convinced to buy his products after seeing the coach’s sexual performance. in real time.

Copywriting and credibility: lesson from a sex coach

But that’s not all.

On these sales pages, Jean-Marie shows his credibility by using his experience as a copywriting weapon. It tells you in particular that:

1) He’s been “Actor X for 14 years” (which means he’s slept with dozens if not hundreds of women);
2) Its content is highly regarded on “the biggest adult site in the world” (which is a form of social proof);
3) It is ninth largest player in the world, seventh in Europe, and second in England.

(Considering his CV, I think he still has a couple of tips for us.)

Credibility according to Donal Miller (Building A Storybrand)

Interpretation: credibility can completely change a business

Do you see the difference between William and Jean-Marie? Here it is: one has enormous credibility and the other relatively little. This credibility can be used directly in copywriting (by presenting your victories and your titles); but when it is firmly placed, it will suffice as a sales speech.

This is not a “hack” that will go away in 6 months. Seeing your credibility as a copywriting (and even marketing in general) asset is something very profound that applies to all human interactions.

Example: You will never be recruited as a corporate lawyer if you do not have a diploma certifying that you have completed at least 5 years of law studies.

The degree will not earn you directly, but it is it that will make you at least be seen as a possible option for the job. It’s the degree that builds your credibility and you use it in copywriting on your CV. Without it, you are stillborn.

However, in order to write the thing (that is, use it in copywriting for your e-commerce), you need to own it first.

Quote Sam Ovens on

As Sam Ovens would say, “An advertisement is just a frame in which you enter information. ”

So we must first build the elements that make us legitimate (and ideally more legitimate than our competitors), and then promote them with persuasive writing to get people to buy.

The art and the way to develop credibility

Credibility and copywriting

I have to start by telling you how to have no credibility. Well, one of the most dangerous things about gaining credibility is impatience and the inability to play in the medium to long term.

Indeed, developing a solid credibility takes time and sometimes requires a financial investment. There is no such thing as a “free, easy-to-set up hack” to weigh like a juggernaut when you’re just a feather.

That being said, let’s see what can help you build credibility for your e-commerce (or for your own branding) in order to increase your conversions by using it in copywriting.

These elements overlap and work together. For example, the first approach is to become the best known brand in your industry; but there is another approach this time around having the best product and building a solid reputation.

However, these two things come together: if you want to become very well known, but have a bad reputation for satisfying your customers, you will be like JP and it will hurt you more than anything else.

JP the star

But if you work on becoming and the most famous brand and the one with the best results and the best customer experience, then eventually you will become an Amazon.

Become the most famous brand: example of Myprotein

An average person who wants to eat burgers will think of Macdo; if he wants a soda, he’ll think of Coke; if he wants coffee, he’ll think of Starbucks. You know why ? Because these brands are the best known in their respective industries.

Let’s take it apart.

On Wednesday December 18, 2019, I purchased food supplements from MyProtein for a total of € 86.96. I wanted to start bulking up and needed supplements to support my diet at breakfast and snack time. So I bought their products.

However, I haven’t seen any advertising from this brand. In fact, I discovered them about five years ago on a YouTube video from Tibo InShape where he was talking about dietary supplements. That’s when I got to know Myprotein because Tibo bought his supplements from them.

People were saying good things about Myprotein and I’ve seen it a few more times in influencers and sports people, but I couldn’t tell you where exactly. In my eyes it was THE most popular e-commerce in sports nutrition.

So, five years after the first impression (in the marketing sense of ‘first time I saw’ the commercial ‘), I had a problem that he was solving, so I went to them. The seduction offensive had already been carried out a few years before. I was a ripe fruit just waiting to be welcomed.

Myprotein: copywriting technique (credibility)

Myprotein is by far the most famous brand in England and perhaps even in Europe. This is a very good competitive advantage. So having this advantage, they can use it in their copywriting by saying that they are the “world No.1 in online sports nutrition”.

But when you have such an advantage, you don’t even need to include it in your persuasive writing to benefit from it: people know it or understand it; they talk about it when circumstances permit, and they remember it when the time comes to make a purchase.

Joe Calloway, Indispensable

Here is the first element to have credibility: become the most famous e-commerce brand in your field.

Building such an advantage will take you a few years. You will invest time, a lot of money, and you will also need to learn to control your emotions (or the emotions of your employees and superiors).

“Control my emotions? What is the connection ? ” Well you are going to make an investment. An investment is an action taken in the present moment and hoped to gain in the future.

While there are ways to directly capitalize on building a strong brand (through customer acquisition or lead acquisition campaigns on Facebook, for example), you may have to forget about the immediate return on investment.

To give you an estimate, I think the returns will come in 2-3 years if you have a good strategy and act consistently. Pass this course, target customers in your market will know that your e-commerce offers such and such a product for that problem. You will then flood your market with your brand name.

In addition, there is a bias that sometimes strikes people: They feel that the best-known brand has the best product. It was my case. Intuitively, I thought Pepsi was worse than Coke – because it was less well known, because it was less dominant in the market. This is a very interesting bias for a brand.

Have a solid reputation: example of Shopify

Shopify: the importance of credibility in marketing and copywriting

When you wanted to create your online store, the first platform we recommended to you was probably Shopify.

It’s the dream of any smart brand: to reach a level where you are talked about first if someone has a problem you solve (word of mouth). You then receive pure ROI. But do you know how these brands got there?

Well they’ve developed a solid reputation by always doing the extraordinary (always exceeding customer expectations).

Shopify is very well known for the efficiency of its solution: building a professional e-commerce site with a good design easily.

Josh Kaufman, Personal MBA

If you want to improve your credibility, you must strive to deliver exceptional results to your customers. To achieve this you will have to focus on understanding their problem, developing the best possible solution and constantly improving it.

Your customers will be more satisfied, they will speak well of your brand and thus forge a golden reputation for you.

So here’s the second strategy: build a good reputation by offering the best product and the best possible experience to your customers.

Jeff Bezos Amazon

When your customers share their results with you and thank you for your solution, you can use that material directly in your online store copywriting stating that you have a great solution while proving it with the monstrous reviews you get.

(This strategy is the one that Amazon has chosen since 1997 and we can see its impact on the market today with the ultra-domination of this company.)

Have the number 1 education platform: example of BonneGueule

If you create high quality content for your target customers, your brand will be seen as having great expertise in its field.

Olivier Roland, Not everyone had the chance to miss their studies

Look at BonneGueule for example. BonneGueule is a clothing brand with an e-commerce, but also physical stores. But they are best known for being the most important web medium in menswear thanks to their blog and their YouTube channel.

At the very beginning, it was Benoit and Geoffrey the two founders who produced the content. But as they developed, they also brought in their collaborators – Luca Laccio, Jordan, Nicolò, etc.

This is how if tomorrow the founders decided to resell BonneGueule, the medium and the brand could perfectly survive and continue like Steve Jobs with Apple.

In an interview posted on Olivier Roland’s channel on November 7, 2018, Benoit said that content creation now gives them a competitive advantage and very strong credibility compared to other brands in the market. This is how many of their customers (including myself) discover them, understand their world, build a relationship with them and end up becoming fans of their products by buying again and again.

So if you want to build your credibility, you too can consider become the number 1 media in your market. Beyond the benefits in copywriting that you can derive from this status, like Bonne Gueule, you will develop a very profitable acquisition channel.

How Can Facebook Advertising Help You Incorporate These Strategies?

To develop your credibility, you are going to need a media and a marketing channel to engage with your audience and target customers.

Facebook Advertising can help you develop certain assets that we have mentioned above.

Facebook Ads and credibility

1 – Become the most famous brand

Say you want to hire an army of mercenaries. Before launching them, you will first need to tell their leaders what you really want to do. Would you just like to intimidate? Eliminate a person or a group? Show that you are well surrounded? Simply protect yourself? The means and strategies put in place will depend on your objective, on what you want as a precise result.

It’s the same with Facebook Ads. When you want to run an ad on Facebook, you are going to first have to tell Facebook what you want to achieve as an ideal and precise result: these are called advertising goals.

Facebook currently has 11 advertising goals. The one that interests us today this is the goal of Notoriety.

If you choose this option, Facebook will help you show your ads in a way that people remember your brand. The interest? Develop your popularity with the right people.

I would therefore strongly recommend that you consider this option if developing your brand awareness is important to you (before one of your competitors commits to doing it in a serious way, thus becoming a Coke and you Pepsi).

2 – Have a solid reputation

If we think that Shopify is a very good platform to create an online store, it’s because:

– a) people have used it for their e-com ’and have come away very satisfied;

– b) they talked about it;

– c) they have thus built a reality for Shopify in which their solution is perceived as very useful for creating an e-commerce site.

This process is “hackable”.

If your customers are happy with your products and are saying good things about your brand, let as many potential customers as possible know what people are saying about you.

An example.

DropPoint is a tool for viewing advertisements running on Facebook. This is very useful if you are an e-merchant, a dropshipper or a marketer.

Unlike Adspy – one of its biggest competitors – DropPoint is super affordable and very efficient.

This is how American, Hispanic, and also French Youtubers who offer content for dropshippers shared the tool with their audiences.

The DropPoint team then picked up the videos and pinned them to their home page and to parts of their funnel.

So make sure your customers and prospects see what is being said about you.

You can do this with Facebook’s advanced targeting which allows you to show your ads to people who are already interested in your industry, to visitors to your website, to people who like the pages of your best-known competitors, etc.

But beware. With social networks, the people have their say and your former customers can simply come and leave nasty comments on your Facebook ad to discredit what you are saying.

This technique only works effectively with ethics and professionalism. So you really need to have a good product and provide a good customer experience.

Finally, you can also have fun showing your customers’ results in your stories or sharing the thank you messages he sends you.

Instagram Stories and Marketing

3 – Bring Traffic for your content

Finally you can use Facebook advertising to promote your content. You have to know that creating content is one thing, promoting it is another – and this second phase is essential otherwise your content will only be consumed by very few people.

The Myprotein e-commerce company also uses Facebook Ads to promote the articles they post on their blog – although they already have very serious traffic on their site.

Facebook Ads will help you reach new consumers for your content or let those who come to your online store know that you’ve posted something that they might be interested in.

Conclusion: build credibility to use it in copywriting

Credibility will help you improve your conversions directly if you use it in your e-commerce copywriting or indirectly by letting word of mouth do it. Of course, I recommend that you bet on both approaches.

If you have the ambition to dominate your market, consider developing your credibility as an advantage you will have over your competitors in the next 3 to 5 years. Facebook Advertising can help you do this (especially for your brand’s popularity and building your reputation).

I wrote an article on the SEMrush Blog that introduces you to another e-commerce copywriting technique. If you are curious and want to increase your conversions, I highly recommend it.

E-commerce: promotional marketing

See you soon,

Fahime Hassani