Artificial intelligence at the service of your business? 2020 -

What if the future was already there? What if a virtual assistant would become your best secretary? What if it was possible to delegate your appointments to a smart machine? Rémy Bigot had the opportunity to meet Julien Hobeika, president and co-founder of the company “Julie Desk” during the Vivatech event in Paris

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Delegating intelligently and without hiring has become possible

Imagine, you have been an entrepreneur for 5 years now and your business is starting to work well. During the day, you organize your meetings, business is constantly running and you are happy. But it gets a little more complicated when at 6 p.m. you come home to see your children and you have 3 urgent emails to deal with to organize other meetings. You are therefore obliged to stop the game of Monopoly with your children to take care of it, on pain of seeing your reputation take a hit.

Training & Co'm

Now imagine that you are struggling to focus on creating new training that must be completed in a week. Your phone rings, the CEO of a company wants to meet you the day after tomorrow. You take out your calendar and it seems difficult to cram all the more since your partner will also have to be present. This daily is yours, and your ability to concentrate never reaches its 90 minutes in normal times, because you are constantly called upon.

It may also waste your time to send everything to your secretary. And above all, he is a human being, and therefore who is not available at all times.

These pains, the company “Julie Desk” fully understood them. This is why she created a virtual secretary capable of managing your meetings, finding slots, managing the unexpected, and thus saving you precious time. As her co-founder explains: “Julie Desk is a virtual assistant that allows you to organize appointments automatically by email. ”

What are the advantages of this revolutionary assistant?

After all, why trust a machine already in 2016 when flying cars are still not present on your street? Do not panic, Julie Desk has everything planned.

“I don’t only have my neurons, but everyone I can borrow. »Woodrow Wilson

Its co-founder explains that “the goal is to be as good as a real assistant. We have artificial intelligence behind to process emails more or less automatically, but we have humans to check actions above all to be sure that quality is there. ”

Thanks to this service, we are getting closer and closer to “the 4 hour week” of Tim Ferris who advocates delegation to focus on what we like to do and in which we are competent. Productivity above all to create the conditions for liberation.