Blogosphere – Augmented reality, Google and SERP, commercial negotiation, content marketing… [Lu sur la blogosphère] – December 4, 2016

A new week ends with a lot of news, but also job and internship offers around digital marketing. On the program: Viadeo placed in receivership, augmented reality and VR that invite themselves in the mobile advertising of tomorrow, Google that summarizes our content for its SERPs, and many more …

Job & co’m

job & co'mHere is a selection of offers to find on our website dedicated to digital job & co’m:

Training & Co'm


  1. Lead Developer, The Guarantors, NYC;
  2. Senior Sales Manager, Data Berries, Paris;
  3. Customer Acquisition Executive, HostMaker, Paris;
  4. Office Manager, Tediber, Paris;
  5. Business Developer, Doctolib, Amiens.

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  1. Business Development, Yougov, Paris;
  2. Assistant Product Manager, Powersanté, Paris;
  3. Growth Hacking, Formelab, Paris;
  4. Digital Marketing Assistant, ABCSalles, Paris;
  5. Communication Assistant, La ruche qui dit oui, Paris.

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