Tuesday, September 4, 2018, took place the “Automation Day” in Lyon. The event was organized by Webmecanik at the Auvergne Rhône Alpes regional hotel. Pleasantly received, this event proved to be sympathetic and captivating for the view of the speakers of this day dedicated to marketing automation. The program and the subjects were varied, the application proposals just as much …

Precursor and experienced speakers

After a welcome coffee, it’s time for the opening conference. The founder of webmecanik, Stéphane Couleaud, presents Madame Ayumi Moore Aoki, founder of “Women in Tech” and CEO of “Social Brain”. For her, the universal language is not English, but the code. In perfect French, she raises awareness in the room for women in STEM (acronym for “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics”). With reason and supporting figure since, in fact, from 2010 to 2015 England recorded a withdrawal of 7% of women in the IT field. With a touch of irony, she also recalls that it was a British countess who invented the code in 1843.

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Norman Pracht from webmecanik then gives the floor to David Hurley, founder of Mautic. Mautic is an open source tool and a community dedicated to marketing automation.

The Mautic community believes in the possibility of giving each person the power to understand, manage and develop their business or organization. Mautic strives to help this belief become a reality by making powerful marketing automation software available to everyone. ”

David Hurley sets the tone for this day and this booming practice: Marketing automation. He insists that with Mautic, with little or no means (a free platform), one can earn money.

Automation, a marketing catalyst

The day is launched and the workshops and conferences follow one another at a sustained and catchy pace. This is an opportunity to address all the subjects of the Marketing automation ecosystem, in particular content and “inbound marketing” as a component of the strategy of this practice.

In disorder and without prioritizing: during this day, Isabelle Defay will have given leads to encrypt the ROI of a content. Manuel Diaz reveals the real challenges of marketing in the company. Boris Leconte will give good practices in (automated) emailing. Matthew Levy and Stéphane Couleaud will have given some examples of effective marketing automation scenarios more or less simple to set up. In conclusion, and as often in marketing, we will remember that the only limit is our imagination.

automationday-marketing automation
Automationday – Lyon – Tuesday September 4, 2018

Marketing automation today and tomorrow

One of the highlights, for my part, is the round table – conference of the trio Sébastien Henrot, Jonas Couffignal and Jean Michel Durocher. All three show, with all their expertise, what the CRM of tomorrow should be able to do. With the help of artificial intelligence and data, future CRMs should become decision-making tools. They should be able to suggest commercial actions based on customer segmentation, or even different automation strategy choices that humans could arbitrate.

During this conference, we also learn that, according to the speakers, we are at the beginnings of marketing automation. The figures are clear: 70% of VSE SMEs do not have a CRM. In the remaining 30%, half certainly have a great need for support.

From practical cases to tool presentations, scenarios and tips, the consistency and complementarity of the interventions of this day of conferences and workshops saves precious time. Of course, practice remains the engine of good expertise, but the profusion of ideas of this day makes it possible to grasp marketing automation with a more ambitious interest and objectives.