Become an entrepreneur while keeping your current job! 2020 -

You live in a psychosis. No, it’s more than that. You live in hell. You feel like whatever you do, nothing changes. Yet you are fighting hard; you never give up. Every day you are up at 6 a.m. and it is late around midnight that you manage to get less sleep …

In your work, you give the best of yourself. You are of all missions, of all tasks. And yet … you’ve never received a single reward. Not even a word of congratulations from your supervisor. You feel cornered, and you no longer know where to turn.

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With bills piling up like a mountain of sand, the price of products rising more than the value of BNP Paribas at CAC40, you no longer know where to turn. Your life is pitiful, filled with sadness. You know what ? You are not the only one. Thousands of French people fight daily to get out of this trap that the system holds out to them. Years of effort, good and loyal service are no longer recognized and rewarded at their fair value. There is something to drive you crazy.

However, there is good news.

The good news is that despite the miserable salary you have, there is the possibility of having a second source of income that would allow you to keep your head above water. With this second income, you could easily pay your bills, go on vacation, eat properly and put your children in good schools. The truth is, your life would change instantly.

Yes, it is possible and this article will give you some keys to get out of it.

Going out early in the morning and coming home tired in the evening, almost the entire workforce feels it. And it’s true that with fatigue, you don’t think much. We only have one desire: to eat and sleep. And yet… despite your current job, you can start another part-time activity.

Managing this second activity assumes that you need to get started on something that doesn’t take too much effort and doesn’t take enough time. Today it is possible.

No doubt some of you already have the prerequisites to get started and start making money.

Many people who are advised to get started make phony excuses. Bah! The human being has always been a champion to find justification for everything.

When you ask someone why they don’t do this, this is what they say:

  • I don’t have time (though, he never misses an episode of Games of The Thrones);
  • I have no economy to get started;
  • I don’t know which business to start;
  • I am afraid of failing;
  • I do not know if my wife or my husband will accept that I embark on this.
  • Etc.

These are arguments of lazy people, procrastinators, and defeatists.

Obviously, getting up in the morning and starting a business is not a child’s journey, especially when you think you don’t have the money, the idea, or the time. But by dint of curiosity, will, and rage to succeed, you can change your situation. Leaving a state of material and psychological precariousness and reaching a reasonable level where one could manage to eat enough and secure the future of one’s children.

Today, having a second income is no longer an option, it has become an obligation. And if you don’t want to end up one morning with huge bills like Bill Gates’ account, then you have to start thinking about it today.

From this entrepreneurial perspective, it is not absolutely a question that you are the next Mark Zuckerberg or a Jeff Bezos Bis. It’s more about using what you already have to get started.

This activity concerns the sale of his knowledge or, let’s put it more clearly, the monetization of his know-how.

Did you know that in many countries, people live just by monetizing their knowledge? We are not talking about going to be employed for someone else in exchange for a salary at the end of the month. No and no. Rather, it is about being in control and selling your knowledge to those who need it and who are the most willing.

You will see that it is not as difficult as you think. Sometimes it just takes a little clearing up and this article will give you what you need.

Find or learn the skill you already master

By the time you read this article, you probably already have skills that you master. You have had a diploma in a specific field and you have worked in this field for X years or months. It makes you a person who knows his job. Among all the skills you have, you will have to choose the skill for which you are the most gifted because it is the element that will make the difference between you and another. If you want to be an entrepreneur, the best mba programs in Pennsylvania or wherever you choose to go could be a fantastic fit.

If you don’t have this skill, you can learn it in a matter of months or weeks if you are motivated enough.

Limit the time you could make available for your new activity

Starting your business will turn your life upside down: both personally and emotionally if you have a spouse. But that doesn’t have to be a radical change. It will be important to visualize the overall time that your current job occupies in your life. Next, you’ll need to identify the activities that you were most involved in, but which weren’t essential. Seeing movies all night long, for example, is not important. After these steps, you will need to determine the time slots necessary for your new activity. Taking into account that it is a part-time activity and that it should not absorb you.

Choose the type of activity to deliver

In the monetization of knowledge, there are several activities. But we will limit ourselves to just two of them: Freelancing and online training.

These two activities concentrate a significant part of the activities relating to the monetization of knowledge. The plus is that you don’t even need to have a bac + 17 to exercise them. You will see why below.

In freelancing, it is a question of carrying out tasks for companies or professionals who are in need. This means that someone contacts you to do a job, and as soon as it is done, you get your money. As simple as that.

If you have experience in web design, you can easily sell your services to SMEs who are in need and who cannot afford a big web agency. Likewise if you have serious assets in web writing, thousands of entrepreneurs will be willing to pay you to hire your services.

Finding customers with this activity has become easier. There are platforms that connect independent providers with companies in need. Sites like Hopwork or Upwork are among them. When you go there, you create a profile and apply for jobs that are posted. If your application is successful, you have won the job. The must in this activity is that you can exercise it only 8 or 10 hours of time per week to make a hell of a lot of euros. It all depends on your disposition.

The second way to monetize your knowledge is to become a trainer or coach for people who want to learn new skills.

Imagine that you have five people who each pay you 200 euros to master a single skill that you have, wouldn’t you be proud to earn a small 1000 euros in a few days?

For your information, the online training market is in the $ 200 billion range. So if you still doubt its potential, it’s time to change your look.

Why is this a job in the making?

Because the traditional education system no longer attracts the masses. Most of those who still go there do so for lack of clear alternatives. But for the most enlightened, they all head for short courses that allow them to master a given skill. This is where you come in. If you have been working in web development for 6 years, chances are you are an Ace. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Then it’s time to get started.

To succeed in this business, there are parameters to take into account:

  • Determine the skill you will be teaching as a course;
  • Assemble the modules or parts of your training;
  • Choose your platform.

There are many online training platforms for delivering lessons to a group of learners.

As soon as the choice of platform is made, the next step is to familiarize yourself with its tools and then create your training. At this level, do not worry too much, because most of the platforms give adequate tools to create, build, structure, manage and sell your course easily.

After creating your course, the next step is to encourage people to buy your courses. And this is where you need to launch promotional actions. Setting up a blog, making guest articles or participating in groups and forums to showcase your expertise and get noticed are low-cost solutions that work and can give you visibility.

It’s a safe bet that after a few weeks, your work will start to bear fruit, because the work always pays off. You could live your life differently than through frustration and sadness.

In conclusion

Working for someone else indefinitely is one thing, but not thinking about doing your own thing is an admission of failure and perdition. Work no longer insures anything at all, especially since work is no longer even insured, whether you have an MBA or a PHD. That’s why it’s time to start your own business in parallel. This article has given you two ways to start an activity in addition to your current job, but there are other activities that just as well can help ensure better days. And you can no longer say that you knew nothing.

What does this article inspire in you? Did it motivate you to take action? Let us know in the comment section.