Black Friday 2021: the essentials to know to seize the best opportunities -

Eagerly and enthusiastically awaited each year, black friday now seems to be well integrated into the culture and consumption habits in The United Kingdom. Coming from the United States, Black Friday is celebrated the day after “thanks giving”, and marks the end of the year shopping period. Occasionally, a drastic price drop in physical or online stores, and many take the opportunity to equip themselves and buy supplies at a lower cost …

What is the date of Black Friday in The United Kingdom in 2021 and what does this edition have in store for us? We go around the issue through this article, to allow you to best prepare yourself to get the most out of it.

Prepare for Black Friday 2021

In The United Kingdom, Black Friday is scheduled to be held on November 26, 2021. It promises to be a day of sales in many businesses. Some brands have already even launched pre Black Friday deals on various equipment and gadgets. But how to effectively prepare for live your best Black Friday in 2021? Certain aspects deserve to be taken into account for this purpose.

Beware of overconsumption

It is well known, brands achieve a large part of their annual turnover on the occasion of Black Friday. In countries like the United States, accounts typically come out of the red the day after Black Friday due to purchases that amount to billions of dollars.

It is therefore a period when it is easy to explode your budget and to encumber yourself with many purchases that are not always necessary, to want to seize all the opportunities that arise. It is therefore recommended to make a list in advance of your real needs so as not to be caught in the compulsive shopping trap.

It is also helpful to set yourself a budget limit that you should not exceed. To help you in this discipline, avoid paying with the credit card in stores. Instead, withdraw the amount you plan to spend in an envelope and pay for your purchases in cash.

Know the prices excluding promotion

The black friday shopping are supposed to prepare well in advance. If, like many people, you only go to the store on D-Day, you won’t necessarily be getting the best deals, and we’ll explain why.

Some unscrupulous traders display promotional prices that are not really promotional prices, trying to gain psychological influence over consumers with fictitious crossed out prices. In reality, the promotional prices displayed do not really differ from the prices usually charged. The customer carried away by the fervor of the day and who sees a crossed out price and a huge percentage reduction imagines himself grabbing a good deal, but is fooled.

To be sure to do good deals on Black Friday and to buy with substantial discounts, you need to know the non-promotion prices, at least for the products, gadgets and equipment that interest you. It is also recommended to compare prices from one site to another to be sure that you are buying at the best prices.

Tips for Black Friday 2021

Knowing the good deals is what will allow you to make good deals on the occasion of Black Friday 2021. And for that, you have to watch the trend early enough. Indeed, more and more brands are opting for what should be called “Black Friday Week” and are starting promotions already at the start of the week.

Knowing that the best good deals do not remain available for very long, it is important to be particularly attentive to know how to seize the best opportunities for the purchases you are planning to make. Also, you will find here all the information on the upcoming black friday in order to prepare yourself as well as possible to make the most of it.

Usually, the products that are particularly popular on the occasion of Black Friday and on which you can have significant discounts are in particular the high-tech products and Geek toys :

  • Laptops;
  • Smartphones;
  • Smart watches;
  • Game consoles, etc.

Also, toys and other purchases for the holiday season are also very popular on the occasion of Black Friday. Indeed, Criteo reveals a 600% growth for toys on the occasion of Black Friday 2020. That said, the fashion and beauty sectors are not the rest, with a growth of 100 to 150% of purchases over the period from November 27 to December 4, 2020.

What does Black Friday 2021 have in store for us?

One thing is certain: Black Friday will indeed take place with a lot of bargains to be found. Some stores like Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Darty, Rue du Commerce, etc. are once again preparing to fascinate customers, with a drastic drop on many products. However, it is on the e-commerce side that business is shaping up to be the best.

Already during Black Friday 2020 and according to the observation of Criteo, e-commerce allowed merchants during the second confinement to compensate 25 to 50% of their turnover. This trend should be accentuated even more this year, while questions around the vaccine and the health pass still divide a good number of English people.

In addition, pre-Black Friday offers instead of negatively impacting real Black Friday should even promote it. These offers prepare the English for a massive rush in physical stores and online on November 26, for year-end shopping.

Buy on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday?

This is the question everyone is asking when we see the figures for the last Black Friday in the United States. Indeed, Americans have spent $ 10.8 billion on Cyber ​​Monday alone in 2020 for only 9 billion on the occasion of Black Friday, according to figures from Adobe. These figures are explained by the fact that many buyers prefer to wait until the last day to take advantage of the best prices.

This strategy is good, because many brands that have failed to sell their stock on the occasion of Black Friday will bet heavily on Cyber ​​Monday, with even more attractive discounts. This trend is also observed in The United Kingdom. However, this is a risky strategy.

First of all, not all brands do, and brands that offer additional discounts only do so when they have not managed to sell their stock. If you can in the meantime come across a very good deal Cyber ​​Monday, it is just as likely to miss out on coveted products if they run out of stock.

It is therefore recommended to analyze the situation perfectly, weigh the pros and cons, in order to finally make an informed decision. A good compromise could be to buy on Black Friday the products that you absolutely need and that you cannot afford to miss, even if it means waiting for Cyber ​​Monday for the additional purchases.