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How about bringing more visibility to your content while improving your return on investment? Does it seem inaccessible to you? Not anymore..

SEO content specialist, Semji is a solution that allows SEO and marketing teams to produce more efficient content in record time. Its only goal: to maximize your ROI.

Semji users benefit from GPT-3, the most advanced language model to do away with time-consuming content production and optimization tasks. Beyond gaining speed, the platform’s AI helps you gain SEO relevance to provide content that performs much better than your competitors.

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Save 6x more time with all new Semji features: the self-generated brief and AI Writing

While on average it takes 75% preparation and 25% writing time to produce content, Semji allows you to produce 6x faster.

Semji is one of the first SEO platforms to use GPT-3, and the solution keeps getting richer. From now on, you have Beta access to the self-generated brief, as well as to AI Writing, which automatically generates relevant and intelligible content. These new features allow you to generate a complete writing plan in record time!

Semji has developed a “Brief” feature that allows you to generate SEO optimized headline and subpart ideas, while taking into account user intentions.

The objective of the Brief Semji: to help you quickly produce content that perfectly meets the expectations of your audience:

  • Semji identifies the 3 first competing titles on your request and generate ideas to find THE ideal title for your article.
  • The research intentions are directly categorized by search volume, which allows the GPT-3 brief to suggest a content plan that meets Internet users’ expectations and sub-section ideas to fuel your content.
  • Semji also identifies the main questions from internet users on your topic. So you immediately know what answers to give to your audience. Your content therefore becomes more relevant.
  • The bonus: Semji intelligently shows you how to embed internal links on your new content. By optimizing your internal networking, you ensure visibility for your content!

After generating an SEO-optimized editorial brief, AI Writing takes over and helps you write unique and relevant content. Automatically generated, this content meets the expectations of your target, while taking SEO criteria into account.

The AI ​​Writing function writes for you an introduction, Hn titles and subtitles, and a list of topics to be covered according to your audience. AI Writing supports the writer in his tasks and increases his productivity and creativity.

This feature generates text based on inspirations, competing data and SEO optimization criteria. This breakthrough allows copywriters and content managers to eliminate time-consuming tasks and save considerable time!

Be one of the first users to test AI Writing in Beta, producing quality and successful content in no time.

Take advantage of the Black Friday offer now on the plan (Starter or Pro) of your choice and test AI Writing to save 6x more time every day!

Semji, the solution that accelerates the SEO performance of your content

According to Ahrefs, barely 9% of content is visible on Google. With Semji, it’s 80%: you can aim for the top position!

Detect, plan, produce, measure: through these 4 principles, you will understand how a solution like Semji can:

  • increase your website traffic tenfold,
  • increase your conversion rate and your turnover,
  • increase the productivity of your teams.

By choosing Semji, companies such as Decathlon, Fiducial, Cambium Média or even MACIF have seen their traffic soar and their acquisition costs drop.

Semji supports you throughout the production of your content:

  • Identify the most strategic keywords for your business

Your teams gain in productivity and relevance thanks to Semji. You can directly grab the best SEO opportunities after Semji selects high search volume target keywords. The content to be optimized is thus prioritized according to the requests with the most growth potential for your site.

  • Create 100% optimized content, the most relevant to Google and your audience

Thanks to Semji’s Content Score, you can measure the SEO quality of your content in real time. Throughout writing, this Content Score guides the user to deliver more relevant content than the competition. Semji’s AI allows you to aggregate and filter thousands of data from the SERP to provide you with ultra-relevant recommendations: topics to address, topics expected by your audience and Google, content plan to follow, length of text ideal …

  • Identifies pages with high SEO potential that can be optimized on your website

Semji identifies for you the content that requires little effort, but which represents the most SEO gains! As soon as your account is created and thanks to a priority score, Semji’s algorithm calculates in a few seconds the content that has a strong SEO potential with minimum optimization time.

  • Facilitates collaborative work by centralizing all the tasks of your team

The platform simplifies all the complexity that an editorial organization could generate. With the Semji planning interface, you can assign drafting tasks to your employees and monitor their progress in real time. This framework allows you to manage internal and external teams.

  • Improves the mesh of your site

Semji helps you build a quality semantic universe by telling you which links (internal and external) to add so that your page gains visibility.

  • Measure the performance of your content

With Semji, you are able to quantify the ROI of your content. You can therefore easily calculate the impact of your SEO content strategy. The Semji dashboard also allows you to centralize all your KPIs: traffic, turnover generated, conversion rate… Thus, you get a complete view of the performance of your content strategy.

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