Bloggers' product test: marketing influence campaigns 2020 -

Having your products tested by a selection of bloggers in affinity with your target and your values ​​can be a great way to promote your brand. Thanks to the test, bloggers can take ownership of your product in order to create content tailored to their communities. SeedindUp, already known for its platform for connecting brands and bloggers, has just launched an offer dedicated to product testing, let’s discover the whole…

The test produced by bloggers: a great way to develop your notoriety

If your goal is to increase your brand awareness and image while promoting your product in a community setting, marketing influence campaigns are one of the best options.

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These campaigns are widespread in the fashion, cosmetic, high-tech and life style worlds, but they can be adapted to all themes and all marketing objectives.

To be effective, you must:

  1. Choose the right ambassadors, in accordance with the values ​​conveyed by your brand;
  2. Have an excellent follow-up and a personalized relationship with each of them;
  3. Give them freedom of expression so that their communities are receptive to messages.

The Benefits of an Influence Marketing Campaign

A product test with a selection of bloggers adapted to your brand has several advantages:

  1. Bloggers will test your products, present them to their communities and give you feedback;
  2. These articles, which will be found on social networks and search engines, will help your future customers in decision-making;
  3. Your brand image and notoriety will be improved over the publications;
  4. Thanks to these influencer prescriptions, traffic to your site and your sales will increase.

In practice

SeedingUp offers to make your task easier for your blogger product test campaigns. The platform has one of the most extensive bases on the market with more than 100,000 users and above all more than 19,000 active bloggers, which allows you to reach your target whatever it is.

Via the platform, you can select your influencers based on several criteria: language, price, etc. You can then do your research by keyword.

Example with a search for blogs related to fashion offering the product test:

test product blogger seedingup

You can then reserve an item by clicking on “reserve”. A real time saver when you know how time consuming it can be to contact a list of live bloggers.

If the blogger accepts your campaign, all you have to do is send your product to the address indicated.

Once the test is written, the blogger will submit his article to SeedingUp. This will serve as a trusted third party.

It is possible to give directions to bloggers. But you should know that, for this type of campaign, they remain in control of their editorial lines. And this is also the strength of the marketing influence, you have highlights that remain natural!

The product test may include links to your site that you can specify as well as visuals and videos to illustrate it.

An offer to test SeedingUp and the blogger product test

In order to celebrate the launch of its “Product Test” offer, SeedingUp offers you a € 20 credit on your next campaign (even if you already have an account with them). To do this, just use the code y23ma137 !

A good opportunity to test this type of campaign, right?

To test the offer, click here!

Article written in collaboration with SeedingUp.