BMW relies on Pinterest to promote the 4 Series Coupé 2020 -

It is not only on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram that the big brands are working their social media strategy. Pinterest also has several tricks up its sleeve, which convinced the BMW. The German car brand has launched a Pinterest marketing campaign to promote the BMW 4 Series Coupé…

A 360-degree view thanks to Pinterest

In terms of social media strategy, BMW is the first automotive brand to use Pinterest’s pin extension feature. This BMW 4 Series Coupé ad campaign gives consumers an immersive brand experience in Pinterest’s in-app browser, simply by swiping on a sponsored pin.

Copywriting training

Pinterest said this digital marketing strategy was linked to independent research showing that potential car buyers like to do at least some of their research on social media.

This new approach also gives Pinterest users a 360-degree view of the car and allows its key features to be explored by clicking on hot spots around the vehicle.

28% more likely to buy with Pinterest

An Oracle Data Cloud study found that car buyers who use Pinterest are 28% more likely to buy a new car within the first 90 days of its release compared to people who don’t use Pinterest.

According to Fiona Jones, Marketing Manager at BMW UK, “We know nothing compares to trying to drive a beautiful new car in real life, but with the social restrictions associated with the pandemic, we believe we have found the best alternative.”

Without leaving your home, you can now experience the latest model of the 4 Series with a 360 ° view from inside to outside.