On the web, the company becomes its own media. Indeed, a simple visitor is brought to your website through a good natural referencing and a query entered in the Google search bar. Your visitor will navigate your website and evolve from user status to prospect and finally to become a customer. Eventually, it will continue to evolve towards the last two statuses which are loyalty and ambassador of your brand …

To gain the loyalty of your visitor, you must at all costs roll back the time when they click on the home page to find their happiness elsewhere than on your website.

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The challenge is to bring him back the next day or the day after.

Content marketing, the start of an inbound process

Content marketing or editorial content facilitates the transformation of a busy or occasional visitor into a prospect and even beyond. Your website is like a media in its own right, it is through its texts, videos, infographics … that it will be able to attract and keep the Internet user. By the information provided, the clarity of it, its relevance, its titles, its explanations, it will gain visibility like a paper journal in much better.

Please note that a website that attracts the attention of a user is likely to be ranked as a favorite. Indeed, the user will want to come back to it. Internet users like you and me are eager for information, advice from reputable sources. Expert data appears essential, content marketing must be the work of specialists and, if necessary, adapt to various audiences. On a webmarketing agency site, there are two types of visitors, individuals who are looking for webmarketing training and essentially professionals who are looking for an agency that can respond to their problem.

All entrepreneurs dream of being Steeve Jobs and all companies dream of being Apple to maintain this strong and almost close bond with their customers. Obviously Applemania is a rare commodity. So I would recommend that you play user-focused web marketing by providing quality and useful information. Content marketing when it is well used transforms the visitor into an ambassador for your brand.

Social media transforms content marketing

With the web and social networks, content marketing is now the most practical and most used marketing tool by companies. For 3 years now, the trend has been to create customer-oriented content. Social Media has changed the game, Internet users want to be informed, exchange, issue opinions and share information.

Their motivations are more geared towards learning, taking information. We note moreover that the sites which offer a content without great interest are neglected or profit from those which offer a wider range of information.

The web disrupts information

Content marketing, text or video with SEO has become an essential raw material available to all good web marketers to develop the audience of a website. The web has just made Content Marketing one of the key disciplines of CWT Advertising.

Content Marketing elevates content marketing to 1st rank, that of star discipline. He has, as in all circles, his gurus, his specialized consultants, his expert agencies… He is now at your service to help you increase your notoriety, develop your traffic, generate leads, boost your sales and retain your loyalty. clients.

Information rather than prospecting

To sum up, content marketing is used to provide information and helps strengthen the image of the company, build customer loyalty and therefore increase sales. Content marketing is above all an art, that of communicating without speaking directly of its offer, but rather of its know-how, its expertise in a specific field. All while giving information with added value to its audience.

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