boost your exposure with display advertising 2020 -

Display campaigns allow you to create your notoriety and your visibility by reaching 90% of Internet users.

Each month, an average of 1,700 banners are viewed by Internet users. At a time when getting noticed becomes complicated, display appears as a solution not to be overlooked.

But beware, in this mass of advertising you have to know how to stand out to retain attention by presenting interesting and relevant advertisements when your targets are most likely to convert.

Learn to be there at the right time

The principle of display resides in the display of your ads on sites that provide ad space. These can be textual or illustrated which makes it easier to stand out.

However, given the amount of banners a user sees each month, your ads must be shown in the right place, at the right time and to the right people while being as competitive as possible.

Platforms such as Google or Bings offer many targeting options to achieve this, to choose where and when your ads should appear.

At MMC, we make a point of understanding your targets, defining your value offers and knowing where your competitors are advertising to design and refine effective and compelling display advertising campaigns.

Comprehensive support

Set up a display campaign is not to be taken lightly. To succeed, our agency follows 4 essential steps:

Define your target

If you don’t want to waste a large amount of your budget, we need to know exactly who you want to talk to, what interests them, and where we can reach them. We therefore break them down according to their interests, their behavior or the sites they frequent.

Define your goals

Without a clearly stated objective, it is complicated to know when we reach them and above all, how to overcome them. From the start, we define clear and measurable objectives with you.

Design an effective message

You are not alone in applying these strategies. How will you differentiate yourself? To do this, we assess together your valuable offers and take care of your campaign announcements. The visual should be of quality and impactful. As for the text, it must be clear and inciting.

Provide convincing landing pages

Building a display campaign that generates clicks and traffic to your site is a good start. But will that be enough for you? It’s a safe bet that you prefer conversions.

We therefore create optimized and consistent landing pages with your campaigns to encourage the maximum number of visitors to buy or contact you.

Measure results and adjust

During our support, we constantly reassess our strategy in order to determine the sites, terms and audiences that best respond to your ads. This allows us to optimize your budget in order to generate the greatest number of conversions at the best possible cost.

Are you running out of time, don’t have the skills, or just don’t feel like managing your Google Ads campaigns? Contact Us. We are nice and we have good ideas.