boost your online sales 2020 -

98% of visitors leave your site without converting and 70% abandon their basket. Reverse the trend and boost your sales.

After all the efforts to attract traffic to your site, less than 2% will actually get into action. The others will leave, never to return for the vast majority. There is something to feel frustrated, right?

The reasons for this hasty departure can be numerous: unsuitable offer, unconvincing landing page, lack of confidence, distraction, high competition…

But all is not lost. With the audience retargeting (also called remarketing), you target people who have already been exposed to your brand or message without converting, just to give you a second chance.

How does audience targeting work?

Based on the use of cookies, this technique tracks users of your website. Simply put, when a new visitor arrives, a cookie is placed on their browser. The latter therefore indicates to the platform used for retargeting (such as Google) if a user has already visited your site and triggers the dissemination of your ads.

Remarketing is particularly effective especially on activities with long sales cycles. In addition, retargeting is an inexpensive way to leverage all of your previous unsuccessful efforts to attract these visitors.

And the results are there. On average, people targeted by remarketing are 70% more likely to convert at home.

Retargeting channels

Standard remarketing

Previous visitors or users may see your ads when they browse other websites that are part of the Google Display Network, or when they use search terms related to your products or services on Google.

Dynamic remarketing

With dynamic remarketing, you can show previous visitors an ad containing products or services they were interested in when they visited.

Remarketing on search

You can show ads to former visitors when they search Google for the products and services they need after they leave your site.

Video remarketing

You can show ads to people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel when they access YouTube and browse Display Network videos, websites, and apps.

Comprehensive support

A retargeting campaign begins with the design and configuration of lists targeting visitors who have not achieved the desired action on your site.

Then we customize your text ads and banner ads to match the target audience in every way. Of course, all the actions not carried out are not necessarily to be taken into account. The interest is above all to clearly define which of these actions are interesting to retarget.

As with any support, managing auctions and campaigns is a crucial element in the success of online advertising. As data is essential for making good decisions, we combine manual management, machine learning and scripts to help us achieve your goals.

Are you running out of time, don’t have the skills, or just don’t feel like managing your Google Ads campaigns? Contact us. We are nice and we have good ideas.