bounce back with the right levers and organize its digital transformation 2020 Guide -

You are in shock, and it is normal: COVID-19 caused a tsunami on a world scale. Past the state of amazement, the manager or the business leader that you are must face a multitude of commercial and marketing challenges. How to maintain your commercial activity in this new context, and even profit from it? Historically, crises have also brought many opportunities to companies that know how to be creative and flexible. Find out how …


The opportunity to take stock of the raison d’être of your company

Periods of crisis are always conducive to strategic thinking. Why ? Because the difficulties you have to face force you to adapt. You need to find original solutions to solve problems you have never faced, and for which you had not prepared yourself. So this is the perfect time to take stock of your company, its processes and its values.

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Your business’s raison d’être may have evolved over time: if so, you’ll also need to evolve its sales and marketing strategy. Have you not yet used the levers of the digital economy to develop your organization? The health crisis we are going through may then turn into an opportunity to drive the digital transformation of your business. Don’t let the amazement keep you from seizing this opportunity.

COVID-19: the right time to organize your digital transformation

You may have read the words “digital transformation” dozens of times, without quite understanding what they were referring to. It’s not surprising: digital transformation of companies can take various aspects depending on the activity sectors and specificities of an organization.

In general, the expression refers to all the digital means used by companies to develop their activity: social networks and influencer marketing, content marketing and blogging, natural referencing (SEO), etc.

However, a successful digital conversion requires the design of a real web strategy, which will integrate harmoniously into your overall strategy. Much more than a series of techniques and tips, your company’s digital strategy will have to take into account your goals, but also the human resources you have internally.

You can also entrust the digital transformation of your organization to an independent agency, which will be able to support you remotely in this unprecedented context.

Increase the visibility of your business by all means

All over England and around the world, stores and offices are closing one after the other. Apart from essential businesses, most establishments are not allowed to receive their customers. However, the largest market place in the world remains open and very active.

The Internet represents millions of Internet users who are ready to shop online, but also to read your articles and discover your brand. The confinement period that we are going through reinforces this dynamism: locked up at home, your potential customers are probably surfing the web.

Why not take advantage of this exceptional situation by seeking to strengthen your visibility in this market? Forget your offices or your business sign for a moment: your company’s website can also represent an effective sales and promotion channel. You still have to make it visible, and therein lies the point of carrying out your digital transformation without further delay.

A strategy of natural referencing (SEO) and paid (SEA), but also of social selling and influencer marketing could well boost the results of your business in a period yet presented as off-peak.

There is no shortage of digital opportunities in times of crisis, and you should take advantage of them. If you are not yet using the CWT Advertising levers to develop the visibility and sales of your business, you have a lot of leeway to take advantage of this period. No need to focus on current losses: they will be shared by all companies, in all business sectors.

However, you can already put in place tools and strategies that will allow you to manage post-COVID-19 well. And it’s by focusing on the opportunities rather than the losses that you will turn this crisis into real opportunity for your business.