CAAS: content becomes service 2020 -

CAAS: content as a service. Real time marketing and optimization of the research experience require; content is no longer a product, but a service …

What is Caas?

Caas or happy as a service is a variation of software as a service (saas)… It is also an embodiment of brand content, as a lever for inbound marketing.

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The Caas refers to content no longer as an information product, as a consumer good, but as a function, as “Tool” for assistance and assistance in production of a goal, like answer to a question, solution to a problem,…

The content as a service is not only useful and not only of value in the context and environment of the web page, pdf or YouTube video where it is published. It has real-time utility, lasting utility by the simple fact that it is accessible on demand, regardless of where it is used.

How does Caas work?

Caas involves designing, creating and distributing content independently of the media and publication devices. In this, the concept is based on the COPE publication principle – create once, publish everywhere. In other words, this approach to content presupposes that we also adapt the editorial chain.

A WordPress plugin to make a Caas?

WordPress, since it integrated in its heart, a JSON RESTful API, allows to save to publish (or not) in your WP content from other applications and sites (WP or not). I haven’t tested the plugin yet. And you?

Technically, data (content as a service) is stored in a centralized database. Content is “pushed” live on a variety of media and in a variety of different circumstances, contexts and “places” (different websites, cold, hot or opportunistic content pages, different apps, online kiosks , etc.).

In other words, content as a service assumes that a battery ofapplications, websites and independent web interfaces may request content via an online service which interfaces with a standardized, centralized database.

The Caas of the century?

Caas is undoubtedly a major issue for advertisers who adopt content marketing strategies.

Hyperconnectivity of your prospects and customers has radically transformed the way they organize and document their purchasing decision-making process.

So you know that your competitive advantage depends more than ever on your ability to interact in real time with your prospects and customers, to arouse their interest through attractive content or to push the offer that will convince them because it best matches their profile, navigation path, queries, products viewed, etc.

Le Caas: a promise of enriched experience

Getting closer and closer to its consumers, improving the experience of products and services and engagement around the brand, etc. Who would not dream of a solution (technical, editorial, commercial) that allows you to offer snag and nunc content that helps, accompanies your targets on their journey.

Is this not the major objective that advertisers must set themselves in the coming years: increase the ROI of its marketing actions, maximize the relevance of interactions for more reach? No doubt a service approach to your content would go a long way. What do you think?

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