How do some people get rich? They have thriving businesses, important relationships and in all spheres of power and the economy. They are delighted: they have cute children like Bratt Pitt, a pretty villa, a swimming pool to relax with the family … Each month, they go picnicking with friends. When we see them, we feel happiness on their faces…

These people have worked hard for years to be where they are today, going through failure and misfortune, sometimes through gigantic misery. But they persevered and saw the end of the tunnel. How about if I tell you that you can achieve the same results, be in the same situation, have a full life without going through tears and sweating? What if I also told you that the solution is there before you and waiting for you to take care of it. This solution has made businesses successful. Buffer, Hubspot and other large companies use these cost-effective solutions on a daily basis in their business.

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You know what ? It works ! This solution is Content Marketing. Content marketing has become so powerful these days that many people swear by it. Why ? Because they have experienced all the benefits of this new marketing approach. Content marketing is marketing, only better.

How to take advantage of content marketing?

To tell the truth, there is nothing very complicated. The secret lies on two points:

  • Understand your audience (problems, crises, pain, frustrations);
  • Suggest solutions to resolve these frustrations. This is all that makes its essence and its strength.

But then, how can this approach make strangers so wealthy as to be close to Mark Zuckerberg and the others ??? It is entirely based on understanding the client’s needs.

Let’s take a simple example. You find a person struggling to do math homework, and for years no teacher has been able to help them overcome their difficulties. So you give it time, you try to understand it, you go back to its childhood and finally, you manage to detect the origin of its blocking. You then develop a solution just for it. And in two weeks, the one who had 4.5 / 20 in math got the next assignment a 12/20.

She’s super excited, she’s hopping like Lionel Messi who scored 3 goals against Real Madrid because she was told she would die silly and do nothing with her life. But thanks to you, this person sees the light. How will she react afterwards? Very simply. You’re the only person they’ll come to when they’re happy and want to do extra things. Thanks to you, she developed sympathy towards you, because you too showed empathy towards her. You are a winner. This is what content marketing is all about.

How to apply it to your business and win the hearts of millions of people who will love you?

It’s very simple. I’ll give you a 4 step plan that you are going to use to track the success of your internet business. But first of all, I’m going to tell you about a feeling or attitude that is the secret of people who make millions in life and make lots of friends like the sand by the sea. This attitude is empathy, putting yourself in the place of the other, imagining your sorrows, worries and difficulties.

Empathy is also the ability to share each other’s crises. If you show empathy, your marketing will go smoothly, your business will flourish. Your competitors will even be jealous and seek to demystify your secret. Do it today and you will have a full bank account like Bernard Madoff’s. But let’s get into the facts.

1. Define the audience


Determining your audience is like composing a diabetic’s diet. We know what he is suffering from, we know what the symptoms of his illness are and we can therefore give him a suitable diet. It’s the same thing when you want to address a target: it has to be well chosen to understand it better.

According to Sophie Gauthier of the Contentologue blog,Setting the target correctly is the secret to a really successful business “. Understanding your target means that you know what they are suffering from and that you can provide them with specific solutions.

To help you identify your target, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What is his worst nightmare / most beautiful dream?
2) What are his received ideas?
3) What are his language tics?
4) What does he say while toasting?
5) What is his obsession?
6) Who does he fall in love with?
7) What is his kind of humor? His favorite joke?
8) What is his opinion on the news? (take all the news of the day and position it)
9) What are his little secrets that he only tells his closest friends?
10) What is his terrible secret that he can never tell anyone?

2. Identify your problem

If you have well defined your target and your persona, you know almost everything there is to understand about it. This step will be easier. If you’ve detected someone’s cause or frustration, finding a solution to relieve it becomes easy. This is stupidly what you should do at this stage.

3. Develop solutions

Here is the step where you will design effective solutions using valuable information that you have gathered from your target audience to provide them with answers. You can use epic articles, how-to guides, ebooks, educational videos, or explanatory infographics. Your objective at this level must be to create the best solution to best satisfy your target.

4. Spread this solution

Make your social media content strategy effective and productive
Once the solution is made, you just have to present it to your target, because you agree with me that without visibility, your solution will be useless. How to proceed ? Use the channels your target uses. You will obviously need a blog in which you will publish your articles, your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). If it’s audiovisual media, YouTube is ideal. You need to develop effective promotional actions, these are the ones that will help you maximize the reach of your solutions.

As you can see, the important thing is to be where your target is. You have to bring her the solution for her to use it for her purpose, it’s that simple. Using content marketing can change the way you do business. It is by providing precise answers to your audience that you can stay in their minds, build your expertise and attract the sympathy of your prospects. There is no better way to do business today on the web.

Help and give first, then ask: that’s the motto of content marketing. And it works ! Then you just have to carry out the 4 steps presented in this article. Do not hesitate to tell us afterwards if you became a millionaire 😉

And you, where are you with content marketing in your business? What is its impact on your current business?