Category Management Instructions - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

One of the fundamental aspects in the online store is the administration of the categories of your products. A precise definition will make navigation comfortable for your users, and stay on your website longer and more comfortably looking for your desired article.

1. Fundamental Concepts

Our platform uses a structure of categories and subcategories. To understand clearly, let’s look at a specific example!

This company has created 7 main categories (baby, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, appliances, living room and PC Tables), each corresponding to its main business lines.

Then, he has made an opening of each main category. For example, in “Bedroom” you have included the following subcategories:
– Accessories
– Beds
– Light table
– Closets.

As you will see below, managing the categories is really simple, The fundamental thing is that you design and maintain a correct structure for your business.

2. How to enter the Category Administration?

You must go with your user to:

– Store (in the top menu)
– Catalogue
– Categories

3. How to register a category?

Simply click on “Create Category”, and complete its name. You can also enter your “Short Description”.

4. How to register a subcategory?

It is also very simple, follow the previous step. And in “it’s subcategory of:”, Select the parent category.

As shown in the image, “Cots” is a subcategory of “Baby”

5. Frequently Asked Questions

We share the answers to the most typical queries of our clients

a) How many levels of subcategories is it possible to enter?

There is no limit on this. Only what common sense dictates. In most cases with categories and subcategories is enough, but you might need more.

An example?

A business that sells multiple electronics and computing products could build the following scheme

Computing -> Hardware -> Accessories -> Routers

Where Computing is the father of Hardware, Hardware is the father of Accessories, and Accessories is finally the father of Routers.

b) What happens if I want to convert a subcategory into a main category?

This is totally valid, and has no impact. You can do it as many times as you want, and try how navigation is for your clients. You can also perform the reverse operation (convert category to subcategory)

c) Does browsing slow down create multiple subcategories?

Do not! One of the main advantages of our online store is the speed with which users can browse your store, so you should not worry about it.