Chrome will block all advertising to those websites that contain abusive ads - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
It is likely that we have encountered deceptive advertisements on the web (and mobile web) in which we have been offered a bulky button to, supposedly, download what we wanted to get on our computers, or even watch a video in which we were interested ; or even find ourselves before flashy ads that emulated warnings about failures of the operating system itself, deceptive and abusive experiences that, unfortunately, still persists on some websites, which in more extreme cases make us possible victims of phishing.

Google wants to go further trying to cover all those abusive advertising experiences that the protections integrated at the moment in Chrome have not covered.

In this regard, he points out that more than half of these abusive experiences are not blocked and that, therefore, from Chrome 71, which will arrive in December, Those sites that have persistent abusive ads will block all your advertising.

Those interested can go to the Abusive experiences Report section within the Google Search Console to check if those websites they manage have an ad that may be marked as abusive.

They will be given a grace period of 30 days to correct eliminating advertising experiences considered abusive since, if not, they will block all the advertising they have on their websites.

This new protection will be enabled by default for all users, although those who do not want or need it, will have the possibility to disable it through the Chrome settings, although, being realistic, it is very unlikely that users will disable it.

Source: Wwwhatsnew