As an entrepreneur, what is the main difficulty you encounter on a daily basis in your content marketing actions? Is it creation, promotion, planning? If you say creation, you are right, because more than 50% of SMEs admit having a hard time creating sufficient and quality content…

But how about if I told you that you can fill your content creation gaps while improving the scope of your efforts? Well, that’s what you’ll find out in the following lines. But before we go any further, let’s take stock.

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For a few years now, the debate has raged on the web as to whether content marketing is essential. Studies and reports have, moreover, provided figures that underlie its necessity. According to a study by Hubspot, companies that have a blog generate 67% more leads compared to those that do not.

The debate in this sense no longer needs to be: content marketing works. However, it would be smart to ask how to give yourself the chance to succeed and get the most out of this content marketing implementation?

The battle on the web today is no longer about who has the prettiest website or the most successful product. This battle is one of emerging in the mass of information generated by the web. With websites and blogs that are created per thousand and per day, the challenge is to get your head out of the water, or at least to show off your hair.

Content marketing becomes a weapon in the hands of web entrepreneurs to defend themselves from the increasingly fierce competition and to capture a part of the clientele. And the companies that decided not to take the plunge are dead.

So we come to the stage where we have to get started, develop a strategy and start producing content (blog articles, white papers, infographics, guides, videos if necessary). It’s not always easy when you’re new to it, either. But you have to start one way or another.

And when you do not have the means, poor business owner that you are, when you do not have all the necessary expertise, when you do not have influence or visibility, it is better to resort to the ‘union. Yes, even on the web, one of the keys to success is also to build relationships with others, because only vulnerability becomes more angry. And we understand better the scope of the maxim ” Unity is strength Which takes on its full value here.

What strategy should therefore be adopted? It’s about the content co-creation.

What is content co-creation?

It’s easy to understand. It’s a process of creating content in association with something other than your own. It’s like you’re partnering with a friend to start a new business. Take it as a kind of on-time partnership on a project. I know, you will ask me what are its strengths. Content co-creation has several advantages, here they are.

Promotion is double and amplified

According to Neil Patel, successful entrepreneur and founder of Kissmetrics and Crazzy Egg, at least 67% of its resources must be devoted to promoting its content. There is no point in creating content that no one sees. By co-creating with a partner, the spread of your content is amplified. Your unified efforts give more impetus to your content as its scope is expanded. Always know that a good promotion is synonymous with success. Better still, the resources you spend on promoting your content will be cut in half.

You gain influence and expertise

You know the maxim: “Tell me who you’re walking with, and I’ll tell you who you are”. This word also applies in the field of web and entrepreneurship. What could be better than rubbing shoulders with an expert to be perceived as an expert! If you are looking for recognition in your field, with clients or other professional strata, collaborating with a recognized partner will grow your own expertise, because its aura will spread over you. By working with him, your audience will understand that you are therefore also an expert. It’s that simple. It’s a matter of perception.

You save time

Time is Money “Say the Anglo-Saxons. This is absolutely true. Creating content often seems tedious, exhausting. But if you work with a partner, it’s like getting help from your teammate. Imagine how it would save you time, because what you would have taken two days to do will take less time with a teammate. It’s a mathematical and universal law and you could spend your new time doing other important things.

You save money

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about cost cutting, hiring freezes, layoffs with or without an employee agreement. I regularly hear entrepreneurs say to me, ” Steve, creating content is expensive “. This is partly true, I must admit, but it is a worthwhile investment.

What if I told you that by co-creating, you will save money, not by laying off your employees, but by sharing the costs with your partner: the cost of creation such as hiring a professional web editor or graphic designers for infographics or PDFs, or the cost of running advertisements for promotional purposes. Truly, co-creation will allow you to divide your costs in half, with however double or triple benefits (reduction of costs related to curation).

But co-create with whom?

Many people are asking this question, as you are. As a social subject, you have relationships with many people. Colleagues, colleagues, people in the same industry as you. However, this would be difficult, if not impossible, to do with direct competitors. So the best thing is to do it with people you simply don’t directly compete with. For example, a blogger with another blogger with a different topic or a sub-niche of your topic, or your company with a company not competing with your niche, even if it can be from the same professional field.

In conclusion

You may have discovered that succeeding on the web requires building relationships, forging partnerships. For this to be effective, it all starts with co-creating content with people who share your business vision.

If there was only one lesson to learn from this article, it would be this: find partners who have more influence than you, flatter them and benefit from their expertise and notoriety. Don’t you think this is great at all? Know that everyone does. Excluding yourself from this logic will not help you succeed quickly enough, or at least it will take you time.

Did you like this article? I’m waiting for your comments in the comment section. Ask me any questions that scratch your mind 🙂