Cohoming or coworking at home: our test 2020 -

Do you know cohoming? Freelances, entrepreneurs, telecommuting employees … More and more professionals work from their homes. And I am one of them 🙂 Not having to take transport, working comfortably from home, organizing your time as you wish, working from home has many advantages. But sometimes we would like to have colleagues, work in pairs, make new professional meetings …

The coworking spaces are a solution to this but for me there are two big flaws:

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  1. The cost, we often turn around 400 € per month which can be a big budget for a freelance;
  2. Open spaces which can be noisy especially when you have gotten into the habit of working in a quiet place.

Not to mention the fact that coworking spaces are not necessarily close to home…

Fortunately, a new trend appeared a few months ago: cohoming.

Cohoming, kezako?

Cohoming is simply coworking but at home. You can either receive cohomers at home or conversely go to work with a cohomer. Basically, we work at home but not alone! Individuals house other individuals for a day’s work, much like Airbnb.

This England 3 report will give you a better idea of ​​the concept:

Cohoming responds to a real trend and a new need expressed by more and more freelancers.

In practice, you can cohoming with your professional contacts but you can also do it with complete strangers. A good opportunity to make new professional meetings while being motivated in his work.

For this, there is a platform:!

Fifteen French cities are already offered on the site. Take a look at the ads near you. There are some really nice places, it can also be an interesting solution when you are on the move and much more affordable than a coworking space. In general we are around 5 € a day.

I saw their Facebook post a few weeks ago, after that I decided to test this new way of working.

I tested for you: cohoming

On the site, you have the possibility to register to cohoming with some, with others. But you can also become a host and offer your cohoming space. This is the solution for which I opted.

If you want to become a host, you must create an ad and set your daily rate. The idea is not to earn money but more to meet people and have a pleasant day at work.

A few days later, my first reservation. Sylvain, growth hacker, and Laetitia, communications manager, came to spend the day at home working together.

Appraisal: a very nice day, interesting exchanges and the pleasure of rediscovering the advantages of office work without the disadvantages.

I really find the solution of cohoming very nice, I recommend it to you and if you are in the paris region and you want to come work with me, you are welcome 🙂

Note that the advantage of going through a platform of this type ensures that everyone comes across spaces that meet certain qualitative criteria and welcoming people (via a rating system that cohomers are invited to complete after each visit).

So are you going to test cohoming? Do not hesitate to visit me 🙂