Being well positioned in the local search results of Internet users is essential for many businesses and businesses. Here is how to optimize your local SEO in 2019…


  1. The Google My Business page
  2. Local SEO quotes
  3. On-page optimization of your site
  4. A strategy of local links

May be perceived as a part of SEO
general, local SEO is the priority of many businesses and

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Indeed, the latter wish above all to appear in
the first search engine results when the user performs
a local request. It must be said that all structures especially want to be able to
be found on the web by its target customers.

Also, a good local SEO strategy owes them
allow to appear in the Google Snack Pack (list of 3 addresses
appearing under the map during a local search), to position yourself well
in organic results and moving results but also good
appear on Google Maps.

So let’s see together what factors influence your
local SEO and how to optimize them to appear in good position
during local searches.


Google My Business listing as a first step

When you want your business to appear in
the results of local searches, on Google maps, but also that it
has a Knowledge Graph (box appearing to the right of the results
Google), creating a Google My Business listing is essential.

So go to this service and take care to fill in
the form submitted to you. Four elements are

  • Be sure to include the name of the company, its
    address, but also its telephone number as available on
    your website;
  • Give real importance to the “category” section
    of the form. Be as specific as possible about the activity of your
    structure and do not hesitate to register it in several categories if its
    activity covers several areas;
  • Make sure to validate your Google My Business listing by
    entering the code received by telephone or, more often, by post;
  • Study the Google My Business platform carefully and take the
    time to complete all sections, even adding a few photos of your
    establishment. The more complete your profile, the better your SEO
    local will be.

Citations, essential
good local referencing

Your optimized Google My Business listing is with quotes
– that is, your company or website mentions on other people
websites – on the web you are going to need to be interested in. The quotes are
actually the 2th main factor taken into account by
Google’s algorithm for local SEO.

First, you’re going to have to audit these quotes to
on the one hand to see if you are present where you need to be (directories
specialized or thematic, local official sites, price comparators, etc.)
and on the other hand if your information is up to date.

To conduct this audit, do not hesitate to help yourself with tools
like MOZ Local. This will be able to list all the quotes from your
web business. Then it’s up to you to see where your subscribers are
absent and where your data needs to be updated.

It is indeed essential that your quotes are
consistent and therefore all correspond to the same company name, to the same
address and the same telephone number. These changes made, make way for the
creation of quotes.

To create quotes, list sites and directories
that allow you to index your business locally. Give priority to
platforms with high authority. For example, being registered on TripAdvisor
seems essential for a restaurant as on for a
hotel establishment.

A little optimization ON PAGE SEO

Also impossible to claim a good SEO
local without taking care to optimize the pages of your website in this sense.

Here is a list of tips to apply to optimize
your positioning in the results of local searches:

  • Feel free to create landing pages for different
    places for which you wish to be referenced. Imagine that your business
    has as its catchment area Paris and its close suburbs, it is relevant to
    reference your site mon for Paris and create pages of
    destination (,,, etc.) for neighboring cities. That’s what
    target the widest possible audience!
  • Make sure to optimize all of your tags by including the name of
    the city where you work;
  • Embed a Google Maps on your site allowing
    visitors to know where your business is located;
  • Give importance to the fact that your website design
    be adaptive. At a time when mobile requests are growing
    numerous, it is essential that mobile users can consult it in
    optimal conditions;
  • Dedicate a space on your website to display reviews and
    feedback from your customers. This can boost your local SEO, in
    more to give confidence to new customers.

In other words, on-page optimization
of your website aims to properly position keywords with indication
geographic to strategic locations, but also to offer an experience
optimal use for internet and mobile users.

A strategy of links… local, of course

If inbound links significantly influence the
SEO, local inbound links can influence your SEO
local. In other words, you will have to create quality content so that
influencers, clearly targeted blogs or institutional websites
friendly businesses or associations take over.

Yep, it’s not easy to get local links for
improve your local SEO. Here are some tips
that can be put into practice to achieve this:

  • Become a member of professional organizations bringing together
    companies by industry or geographic location so that they
    relay your news and content;
  • Establish partnerships with charities and make
    sponsorship of sports or cultural associations. More generally, it is
    relevant for your business to integrate into the “world” around it.
    This will enhance the business and may invite some to share your
  • Organize events with the presence of local elected officials in the hope
    take advantage of your actions in the local and / or regional press;

  • Create connections with companies established on the same
    geographic area and with local bloggers and influencers to
    exchanging links. If you are a restaurateur, why not ask a
    bed and breakfast manager close to your establishment to recommend you and,
    in return, do the same …

You should actually know that local inbound links
coming from domains in .edu, .gouv or even .org will be all the more
interesting in terms of local SEO since they will be perceived,
rightly so, as coming from particularly reliable sites.

This therefore proves that it is possible to seek to
simultaneously achieve SEO and visibility objectives, the
all at the local level.

In 2019, succeeding in local referencing is crucial
for many companies.

Also, by relying on the many tips formulated
in this article, you should be able to position your company well in
the results of local research.

In other words, your target customers should be offered your products and services. Hopefully they manage to seduce her …

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