Content marketing: when phatics sets in ... 2020 -

In communication, the phatic function consists in attracting and maintaining attention. A must in content marketing. But this is not enough. Far from there…

The explosion of content marketing is well established. Omnichannel, hyperconnectivity, multi-screen encourage us to be in constant contact with our prospects and customers.

Impossible not to succumb to the temptation of the only phatic dimension of the relationship with our targets. The one that basically establish and extend communication, to ensure and maintain the contact, to check that the “circuit works”.

In “content marketing”, there is “content”!

Many advertisers do not go beyond this phatic function. Who are content with these ” small talks As we say in English. They certainly understood that the content brought traffic, generated attention or even conversations, was shared, aggregated, commented… Suddenly, they produce content galore. At the risk of participating in the exponential infobility that threatens …

Normal, you might say: by producing content for information and entertainment purposes, brands have become media, they produce and distribute cultural and information products. They play editors, but it’s not their job. Let’s face it: rare are the coms, web editors and marketing managers – and even less their managers – who have the skills, methods and aptitudes of a Gaston Gallimard, Jérome Lindon or Gérard Lebovici.

In “content marketing” there is “marketing” and therefore conversion.

This phatic function is essential, moreover. It’s kind of the A and the I in the AIDA principle in marketing: you have to attract attention (A), arouse interest (I).

But how, then, install the desire (D) to ensure, in the end, that the interlocutor acts (A): buys, subscribes, subscribes, subscribes, … Marketing is based on a conversion funnel, which involves purchase and retention. Content marketing does not make a difference: content plays an essential role in this conversion and retention.

When fatigue sets in …

Fatigue sets in when you do not go beyond the stage of phatic relationship, precisely. When you get attention without going any further. Without providing a real service, an authentic experience and an unique value proposition. When your content does not have the necessary spring to transform your targets.

Hence the essential prerequisite to know what types of content will generate this conversion and this retention. In our editorial consulting business, we use a tool to do this: the content matrix. I was talking about the publishing profession. He, like the editorial consultant, knows how to orchestrate volumes, frequencies, calibers of competitive, essential, hot, cold, opportunistic content in his calendar.

He knows how to ensure the return on investment (ROI), attention (ROA) and content (ROC) of the editorial heritage that it produces and disseminates.