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Autopsy of a recurrent case: I will share with you the most frequent reason for this mishap so that you do not make these mistakes. Finally, I will tell you about content marketing. Many entrepreneurs have invested in a website for a meager nest egg. If this is your case or you want to avoid these setbacks, this article is for you …

My first contribution for CWT Advertising & co’m will not be technical. This is to give you the best advice to avoid losing money by investing in your web presence.

Too much design kills design

Just because your site looks good doesn’t mean it will work. By “beautiful”, I mean too graphically worked and inducing a tedious user experience. The time for effective websites only thanks to a successful design is irrevocably over.

It is important, it is true, but it is no longer the most important. A website should be relay of your commercial speeches. It must be visible and thought out for bring business. The sine qua non condition to get to do it is to‘to be visible. So a beautiful site yes, but thought to be useful to you and SEO optimized to be visible.

Be visible

Today, your website is one of your most important assets.

Let’s be clear: The reason why so many businesses fail their web projects is this “design first” approach. Instead, opt for a provider who will be able to guide you effectively from the first steps, starting with offering you a SEO-optimized content architecture. Thus, your site will aim to address your target themes.

Without SEO, all your design investments will be in vain. For example, you may have Banksy paint the walls of your shop, if your shop is 10 km from the nearest road, nobody will come to see you. (Yes … Unless it’s really Bansky, but you get the idea).

The recurring scenario

Take the following example. To refresh their site, an entrepreneur hires a friend or web designer found on the web according to their style criteria and budget. What often happens is that he / she realizes after the fact that his website is not optimized for search engines. Then, the new site is deployed. A little bit of communication and a few visits later … everything deflates immediately. The site is not more visible, it is just visually more attractive.

What can also happen is a modification of the title tags (the tags

etc.). These tags are essential for Google to understand what your website is about. Improper modification of tags or content can even lead to loss of positions in search results.

It’s never a good time to explain to an entrepreneur that he / she would need a complete overhaul to reach his business goals relying on SEO. Especially after investing in a graphic overhaul that will not be profitable…

Please note, I have nothing against webdesign and webdesigners. I see you coming: “He does not offer a graphic overhaul on his site, I went to see. He wants to sell his services to us by putting an article on CWT Advertising & co’m pretending to be a good preacher! ”

Yes and no, if this article brings me business, so much the better. It’s frominbound marketing and you will know how to choose the right web marketing freelance. I do not propose graphic redesigns, because as explained above, you will not gain if you are looking to give a boost to the visibility of your website.

Far be it from me to want to give advice to the web industry from the top of my little freelance status. But if a web agency does not offer to integrate the SEO dimension of your website in 2017, run away.

Your site must be a solid building

The foundations of your website must have a page architecture consistent with what your target is looking for.

For example: ban pages like “http://” which list all your services on the same page. If you care about this page, use it as a hub of sub pages of each service by optimizing each page for keywords related to your services. Finally, add a layer with locality elements, for example.

At the top of the pyramid is the main keyword, often the most competitive. You will get the specifics and the long trains with sub-pages and a blog section for example.

A design overhaul can help you assert a visual identity in a relevant way. But will your website be more visible? Thought for bring business ? Updated according to the latest updates from Google algorithms? Not necessarily.

Again, if you want a solid, future-proof building, don’t ask an interior designer to put up the Eiffel Tower.

The web is changing, the marketing and SEO dimensions are essential for a website to be effective.

SEO and Content Marketing

Obviously, this is not about making a tech site gargling with the latest unnecessary tech for your business. Of course, good design creates a good first impression, and having a website that is fun to navigate is vital.

As stated above, these two “disciplines” go hand in hand. Good SEO brings qualified traffic on your site and good content them turns into customers. If your site has a lot of traffic, but nobody buys or calls you, it’s time to get started content marketing.

Taking positions on Google effectively, it never works overnight. It is a long process. It takes effort and skill. But believe me, this will allow you to bring in prospects in a natural and sustainable way.

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We can turn my dilemma of the entrepreneur and his graphic overhaul in all directions with these three components: Design, SEO, Marketing.

Beyond visibility, a good site must bring value to its customers. He must educate, inform and possess elements of conversion.

The method that works every time

Be careful, I’m not talking about a miracle recipe here, but a modern marketing methodology that pays off in the long term. If you don’t have a website and want profitability within three months, for example, don’t invest in a discount site because everyone has a site and you need a site.

Inbound marketing “And” Personas“, You read it everywhere, but you don’t really know what it is or how to apply it? Before I trained professionally in content marketing, I couldn’t understand it clearly either.

The‘Inbound marketing, is creating content to: Attract, Convert, Close a deal and Build loyalty.

This consists of understanding your target (s) as best as possible in order to understand the path of the purchasing decision. At each stage of this journey, it is mandatory to create content (blog article, page on your site, white paper, video, infographic, etc.) that provides an answer to the problems and opportunities of your target.

The various contents will be points of contact which will guide them towards the last stage: to conclude a business with you. To increase your popularity and establish your expertise, your content will retain your customers. You will become a media for them.

If you are unsure, I invite you to look below to find out why you should opt for content marketing.