Corona defies this bakery with a bread delivery service 2020 -

Moritz Metzler should have been baking in Taiwan in March for the World Bakers’ Championship. The 23-year-old is UKy’s best young baker. Then the corona virus thwarted him.

Now the master is helping out in the family bakery. Because there, too, Corona changed everything from one day to the next – which led the Metzlers to try something completely new in their bakery.

Almost 25 percent less sales through Corona

The Metzler family has been running a bakery in idyllic Langenargen on Lake Constance since 1963, and it has been extremely successful. “With us, customers are always in line,” says Moritz. “Our big hit is our new soul. They come warm from our bakery and we sell them straight from the basket. ”

Even in times of Corona, there is still a line in front of the bakery. But mainly because customers keep a safety distance of one and a half meters. “Above all, we notice that hardly any older people shop with us. Of course we can feel that, ”explains Moritz.

And: The Lake Constance region lives from tourism. Usually, because numerous restaurants, hotels and holiday apartments are currently closed and therefore do not need fresh bread. That costs the bakery about 25 percent of its turnover – and the trend is rising.

And what’s next? Put your hands in your lap and hope that the crisis will soon be over? Not with the Metzlers. Instead of despairing, the family decided to roll up their sleeves and take matters into their own hands.

Fresh bread at home with a click of the mouse

“A crisis is always an opportunity to change something and try something new,” says Moritz.

The idea: a bread delivery service. Customers order online, pay by PayPal or credit card and have their bread, pretzels and alarm clocks delivered to their door the next morning. Moritz has set up its own online shop. Almost a week passed with the idea, implementation and test phase. The shop at has been online since March 19.

The loaded bread transporter shortly before delivery
The orders are packed in bread bags and then delivered by transporter.

“We advertised the online shop very blue-eyed on Facebook,” laughs Moritz. “The post now has over 10,000 views and has been shared over 100 times. We obviously hit a nerve with our service during this time. ”

Orders are placed in the online shop until 10:00 p.m. Orders are freshly baked and delivered the next morning. Customers don’t have to sign anything and no cash changes hands. Moritz simply puts the rolls on the doorstep and rings the bell. “For many orders, the delivery address differs from the billing address. That means a lot of people order for someone else. For example, for the grandparents who are not very familiar with the Internet, ”explains Moritz.

Does the delivery service belong to the future?

Moritz cannot say yet whether the delivery service will continue after the Corona crisis: “We have to see whether the offer will pay off in the long term. In any case, the whole thing is a valuable experiment for us, in which we can learn a lot. It is the first time for us. ”

Even if Moritz can continue to roll out the rolls in the event of a continuation is not yet certain. Because if everything goes well, he will represent UKy at the beginning of August at the world baking championships that will start again. Perhaps he can also prove there that you are always at the forefront with creativity and ingenuity.