What affects the cost of creating a website? -

Who creates the website? It’s hard to find a reliable firm

In the network, you can find offers of geniuses who promise a comprehensive service of creating a website from A to Z, at a price that is at first glance £500- £1000. You want to use it, but before you do it, think for a moment. Will you employ one person to build the house, who will design and build the house in its entirety? It is hard to even imagine such a situation. After all, each stage requires a specialist. One person will take care of the project, another putting up foundations and masonry, and another installation and finishing work. Only then is there a chance that the house will be functional, safe, aesthetic and built in accordance with the standards and regulations contained in the building law.

You will ask how building a house is related to creating a website? It’s really the same situation. Finding someone who knows each other perfectly at all stages of creating a website is looking for a needle in a haystack. He would have a mind like Leonardo da Vinci, but let’s be honest – then the cost of creating a website would certainly not be as low as the water level after the summer heat.

The process of creating a website, therefore, requires the work of several specialists. Don’t waste time looking for a Renaissance man who is unaware of his genius or work as a charity for him. If you want to have a fully professional and eye-pleasing website, entrust the task of building (or modernizing) a group of professionals. Let everyone take care of what they are good at and the effect will be excellent.

What influences the cost of creating a website and why do you need so many specialists?

The process of creating a website is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Similarly, the issue of modernizing an existing site is similar. It is worth emphasizing that each page needs to be refreshed after a few years, and sometimes very serious changes. Again, we have an analogy with construction. The most beautiful house should be renovated after some time of use – sometimes painting is not enough, and some installation needs to be replaced. Will you decide on it? Certainly, if you care about the safety of your loved ones, the comfort of the apartment, but also the aesthetics of the house.

A website can also be just an expense or… an investment for you. This is how it works – a professionally created website attracts both customers and search engine robots (this is important if you want your website to be visible in search results for specific keywords). However, this requires the involvement of several people who will take care of the details at every stage of building the page. Do you really think that one person is able to know each other well:

It’s hard to believe, right? Just as there is no way for one person to be an excellent home designer, concreter, carpenter, installer of various types of installations, roofer, bricklayer and construction machinery operator. Therefore, a team of people specializing in specific tasks is employed to build or renovate the house. It is similar, and in principle should be, when building or modernizing a website.

Specialists necessary to create a professional website

You probably have no doubt why it is better not to entrust the creation of a website to one person. The question remains who really belongs to the team involved in the creation of pages and what scope of work is his responsibility. However, before the actual work begins, it is necessary to develop a well-defined plan. In other words, building a website is always supported by a previously developed strategy. You need a so-called site map.

  • Schedule

And basically, a web designer, i.e. someone who makes a website look aesthetically pleasing. And here the important thing – it’s not about admiration for the beauty. Graphics must also be functional. It’s not good when the user says wow, but then doesn’t know where to click to go to a subpage. You can wander about the symbolism and hidden meanings of the image by looking at the Flaming Giraffe Dali. If this is the case for a website, it means that the graphics do not necessarily fulfil their function. Contrary to appearances, it is not so easy to match individual graphic elements (font, photos, video, buttons, colours) so that the design of the page is not only stylistically consistent but also aesthetic, ideally suited to the nature of the business and of course convenient to navigate. Website design can, therefore, be eye-catching or daunting. As in interior design, you also need to choose wall colours, furniture style, accessories and all the details should blend in nicely with each other. At the same time, the furniture must be comfortable. You also need software for graphics, but that’s what a programmer does.

  • Programmer or web developer

Without a programmer, don’t move – no website will be created. It is he who prepares the entire programming base, thanks to which the website works correctly. It’s a matter of developing the code in the right programming language and technology. Importantly, the web developer must take care of both what is visible on the site and what constitutes its building material. In the first case, it is about the graphic interface and making the template based on the graphic design. Here, close cooperation with the other team member, the graphic designer, is necessary. The building block is dedicated to server-side software. It can be a content management system or CMS. The programmer also develops the user interface or technical documentation for him. The scope of work also includes diagnostics of possible errors in the operation of the website. The finished page requires many tests before indexing.

Sticking to this analogy with building a house – we do not see the internal electrical installation, but we know well that there are wires in the walls. Therefore, the light switches work and therefore the lamp can be lit. Were it not for these wires, even the most beautiful lamp would remain only a dummy. So, what’s beautiful, if completely useless. It’s similar to a website. Elegant graphics and interesting content will catch the eye, as long as the page will load well and will be visible on the screen of every device, including smartphones.

  • Copywriter

This is another person necessary to create a good website, and their task is to write texts. You think it’s easy, right? Unfortunately, but you can’t outsource it to someone who can’t write in a very specific way. Texts intended for a website should be written so that they are read well, make sense and, of course, be correct in terms of spelling rules. However, this is not enough. Good text must also meet SEO requirements. In other words, please search engine robots. Uniqueness is the basis (oh, how robots don’t like duplicates), but skilful weaving into the content of keywords is also important. What’s more, the content should be constantly expanded, new entries are needed to make the website just live (to put it simply). Therefore, copywriter services have a significant impact on the cost of creating a website.


The site is working properly, has appropriate graphics and well-written content – do you think it’s over? Sorry but no. You want your site to be visible in search results for specific keywords, so now it’s time to present it nicely to search engine robots, and it also requires a lot of work. A positioner, i.e. an SEO specialist, must, therefore, enter the action. This is a bit of a never-ending story because due to subsequent updates of the Google algorithm you need to keep your finger on the pulse. However, thanks to this, both users and robots always visit the site. At home, if there are order and some sort of arrangement, guests (but also household members) will also feel better.

Here we come to an important conclusion – the website cannot be left. Specific actions are required to meet new programming requirements. After some time, you should always refresh the design (such a specific painting of the walls), new content and, of course, optimization and strictly positioning work are necessary.

What else affects the cost of creating a website? Free or paid items?

One point should be mentioned. The page can be prepared on a ready template. In this situation, the graphic designer and programmer have a little less work than when the project is created from scratch. The ready template, therefore, means a lower price. Works for simple pages. In this situation, usually, use the free tools – plugins and photos or video. You must be aware of some restrictions. Certainly, used photos from the free photo bank can be repeated on other similar sites.

Therefore, if you care about the unlimited possibilities of the website and its perfect adaptation to your needs, then, of course, the necessity turns out to be the page coded individually and based on the original, dedicated design.

You probably already know what affects the cost of creating a website and why a well-built website requires the work of several people. Do you still have any doubts? Then please contact us. And if you no longer have any additional questions, then simply order a website creation service that is easy to use, responsive (i.e. clearly visible on all devices), visually attractive, user-friendly and search engine robots, rich in good quality content, prepared for effective positioning, integrated with Google Analytics and modern.