In early August, Ralph Lauren signed a unique and long-term partnership with Snapchat. Together, they created the very first customizable and branded wardrobe for the Bitmoji emoji platform …

While Facebook had launched a new feature to create his Facebook avatar, Snapchat’s “Mix and Match” Bitmoji feature offers 12 outfits from the Ralph Lauren collection to dress up his Bitmojis.

Trainer training

Designed as an extension of the brand’s physical collection, it includes classic double-breasted blazers, a sporty jacket, a striped rugby polo shirt, classic double-breasted jackets and a motorcycle jacket. All of these outfits will also be available on the website and in some Ralph Lauren retail stores.

A new virtual wardrobe experience

A way of “Tell the story of the brand, stimulate social commerce and engage with a new generation in an authentic and empowering way”, according to Alice Delahunt, Chief Digital Officer of Ralph Lauren.

On the Snapchat side, “This partnership is a broad and holistic endeavor aimed at bringing the Ralph Lauren brand into the digital world”, said Selby Drummond, her fashion and beauty manager. “