Create your marketing persona to refine your strategy 2020 -

In any marketing strategy, it’s necessary to think about creating a persona. Many companies prefer to communicate without worrying about the expectations of their targets. However, in order to communicate as well as possible, it is essential to know your customers and prospects!

So you have to think about defining your personas most precisely
possible to deliver the right messages to your target with content from
quality that will catch their attention.

What is a persona?

Persona marketing represents your “ideal customer”, an archetype of a group of people that you want to reach using your strategy and means of communication. He has common motivations, behaviors and priorities.

Your company must have as many personas as it identifies target segments.

The creation of personas requires a lot of detail and requires the identification of as many details as possible in relation to your customers. Most often, they have a first name, last name, age and personality traits. They are fictitious characters who must have clear consumption habits (favorite brands, media,). By personifying this individual, you will find it easier to optimize your offers and innovations. This is why personas are also used in Design and Innovation.

How to create it?

To start, you need to brainstorm!

Gather your colleagues around a table with a voucher
coffee ! Ask yourself the fundamental questions to generate leads

Define demographic characteristics and
behavioral characteristics.

Then make a list of your persona’s preferences: does he like nature? The sport ? Does he eat a balanced diet?

These questions will allow you to see more clearly and
best target your persona.

In the next step, you will have to call on your creative side and draw it! You will thus have a well-defined vision of your persona and will therefore manage to memorize it more easily.

After the creative stage, you will have to change your cap and become a writer! Put the whole story of your persona on paper, in the third person. Once done, start again, but this time in the first person in order to see if your latter is achievable or not!

Example of questions to ask yourself:

  • What is his gender? His first name ? His age ? Where does he live ?
  • What is his profession ?
  • What are his areas of interest?
  • What are his expectations?
  • How is your persona informed? On which channels? What type of content does he consult?
  • What are the keywords what is he going to use?
  • What is his typical day?

How to use it ?

The persona must be presented to your entire team
so that everyone can have it in mind as part of the study of
new products or services. They will allow your employees to better
adapt to needs and motivations.

In addition, marketing personas are useful for your
sales department, which will use it to optimize the customer journey and

In addition, as mentioned previously, they will be revealed to the Design and digital teams who will take them into account in the construction of the customer journey.

What does he think of your marketing offer?

Once the details of his personality have been worked out, it’s time to put yourself in the place of your marketing persona in order to bring it to life. You must understand the relationship established between your persona and your offer.

Again, ask yourself the right questions in order to build a solid and consistent sales pitch. Will your persona be interested in your offer? What are the points that could prevent him from buying your products or services?

To optimize your communication actions you must also ask yourself what your persona will ask themselves as questions during each step of the purchasing decision process.

“For me, the most important character is the
customer. Everything we do is for him ”Louis V. Gerstner