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Your Christmas website mode on!

The Christmas season with its typical images of trees full of gifts, reunited family and colored lights is the ideal time to direct more visits to your website, attract customers with promotions or exclusive offers for the occasion and increase your sales !. To achieve this we recommend that you prepare your site for the occasion.

CWT Advertising He has designed beautiful templates for you to decorate, personalize and attract your readers!

It’s very simple, you just have to choose the “Fietas” category in the wizard

If you already have your site and want to give it a Christmas image, you can also do it. It’s easy, restart the wizard and choose the Christmas option. You will not lose your information!


Your site can look like this!


Why is it important to consider seasonality?

For the simple reason that the user’s behavior on certain holidays changes significantly in relation to usual days of the year, and these behavior changes are directly reflected in consumption. That is why, within special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or New Year, Christmas is undoubtedly the best symbol of seasonality par excellence.
And every website could, with some image changes, benefit from the time of Christmas carols and Santa Claus.
How can I take advantage of the parties?
Performing an analysis in advance defining what objectives are intended to be achieved with the Christmas image is a recommended and even essential step to then be able to measure the effectiveness of the actions taken and determine the level of success achieved.

Making an offer that is unbeatable will make your customers feel that it is impossible not to buy or miss the offer offered. To do this, select those products where you can charge the maximum discount and promote them on your website and social networks. And if you have a list of subscribers, reinforce your actions with email marketing.Remember that for your promotion to have the greatest penetration you have to have a whole arsenal of strategies previously designed to redirect traffic to your website. For this you can:

  • Periodically post publications on your company’s Fanpage counting the benefits of the current discount.
  • Schedule PPC campaigns pay per click on the Google search or display network.
  • Use the segmentation offered by Facebook Ads campaigns and perform them 15 days before the holidays.
  • Have your Twitter, G +, Pinterest or Instagram social profiles active.
  • Devise creative campaigns such as giving a special gift to those who, in addition to their purchase, share the funniest photo of the pre-Christmas social media, or tell their best anecdote. In this way you will achieve engagement, visibility, and a community that will thank your Christmas spirit!

From the IDEA team YOUR SITE we take the opportunity to wish you an excellent Christmas
And we encourage you to convey to us how your new Christmas templates had repercussions!