What better way to gain customers than to advertise when someone who has already decided to want your product or service is actively seeking it?

Simply put, you are bidding on keywords related to your services, products or business to make your ad appear prominently in the search results and only pay if your ad is clicked.

However, be careful. While a well-run campaign can be a very cost-effective way to gain potential customers, a poorly designed campaign can waste a lot of money.

An approach for ambitious SMEs

As you can imagine, the successful search network campaigns takes time and expertise. With many years of experience, our certified experts know how to design convincing ads that speak to your targets, effectively transmit your valuable offers and attract the attention of the right people.

To achieve this, we define for each campaign how your offer meets the needs of your potential customers. We can then create a consistent message that combines the right keywords, catchphrase and user experience.

To put the odds on your side, your campaigns are monitored, tested and optimized tirelessly. Our goal is continuous improvement and that is why we get results.

The advertising platforms used

Google Ads

With over 3 billion searches every day and over 94% of them are done on it (in England), Google represents the most used search engine in the world.

To stay or become competitive, businesses need a strong presence on Google and therefore their ads appear when customers want to buy.

We are therefore convinced that each webmarketing strategy should include a advertising strategy on Google because by choosing not to position yourself on Google, you offer your customers on a plate to your competitors.


Certainly Google is a giant on online search traffic. However, Bing (or Yahoo) should not be overlooked.

Indeed, the traffics of the two engines are different and what does not work on one can work very well on the other.

Adapted management

Managing a sponsored link campaign never ends because you can always get better. For this reason, we take a test and learning approach to monitor each campaign.

Thorough preparation

The success of a Google Ads campaign where Bing comes above all from a good understanding.

For any new project, we therefore take the time to understand your business, define your objectives and study your account (if existing) in order to determine your growth potential and possible action points.

We also analyze your competitors’ campaigns to find areas for rapid improvement.

Finally, we study your targets in detail to ensure the relevance of future announcements and create compelling user journeys.

Without this in-depth analysis, our experts could not have an informed vision of the campaigns to be carried out.

Creation of convincing campaigns

With a coherent vision, we let’s determine the keywords the most appropriate to use and those to exclude.

Then, we write relevant ads for the target audience and strongly encouraging clicks, essential to success.

Monitoring and optimization

Managing auctions and campaigns are crucial to the success of online advertising. As data is essential for making good decisions, we combine manual management, machine learning and scripts to help us achieve your goals.

Our goal: more conversions for less expenses.

Conversion optimization

70% of conversions are lost due to a wrong landing page. The performance of your pages therefore has a considerable impact on the performance of your online advertising.

To improve these performances, we constantly create and test the pages used with a single objective: improve your conversion rate (CRO).

Monthly reporting

Each month, we review your results and discuss growth opportunities and adjustments to your AdWords campaigns. We make it easy for you by producing meaningful data that is easy to understand.

A written report is therefore sent to you every month and we debrief these results during an interview.

Are you running out of time, don’t have the skills, or just don’t feel like managing your Google Ads campaigns? Contact us. We are nice and we have good ideas.