New at CWT Advertising!

Now you can enjoy and benefit from the new video functionality that our editor has for you. In an agile and simple way you can choose the most attractive and impressive videos and place them in any of the sections of your website.

Do you have a hotel near the sea?

You can make your visitors feel the true aspect of the views of the rooms, the park with a pool and the sun loungers in a warmer and more realistic way, where not only the visual aspects of the images are combined, but also the sound and the movement.

Are you an entrepreneur and are you riding a new brand?

Nothing better than to show how your products are made, the work environment of your office or the interviews with your first satisfied customers.

Adding videos to your website is a wonderful way to reach the emotions of your customers evoking pleasant or positive moments and memories that inspire them to continue shopping and staying true to your products and services.

Cinema is the means of expression with the greatest impact on audiences. With the laugh, we cry, we shudder and get excited in the course of the movie.

Why not bring some of the magic of cinema to your own website and let your imagination fly?

background videos on simple site

How to implement it?

All you need is to have a YouTube video, and you creativity To take advantage of this functionality. Although we actually have test videos, therefore, Your imagination and desire to create is the only requirement!

How can you try it in 4 simple steps?

1) Choose the page where to insert them

To enter this new functionality, you must enter the page editing Where do you want to incorporate the videos?


2) Choose in which “BOX” you will place the video

Press edit there.

how to use background videos in simple site

We have implemented the “Background Videos” functionality in the “BOX” tool. This will allow you infinite possibilities, since you can place your video at the bottom of the website, or in specific sections, as in this case in a product “box”.

3) Enter the address of your video uploaded to YouTube


4) Configure the tool

Turn off or on the sound according to your preference and objectives.

And try different degrees of transparency to evaluate how it looks more colorful with respect to your template and voilà

Now you can tell all your customers and readers about the great changes you have on your website!


  • Give your website even more impact by combining your videos with the background, color and font, so that the contrast between them is perfect and harmonious.
  • As the objective of inserting a video is to show a certain event in action, it is important that you strike a balance between the text, the “call to action” and the video, so that all the elements enhance each other and generate more visits and conversions
  • Unleash your most original instincts and ideas, because success comes from the hand of those who are encouraged to try new directions and horizons.
  • Your website is your best ally and the window where the world can see what you do and how you do it. Show them in a novel, creative and fantastic way. ¡¡Remember that you have no limits when creating and innovating!